Come on Native Instruments! Think Linux!

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    Telecode if you fired someone for that in my neck of the woods, you'd be prosecuted/fined for unfair dismissal.

    However gents, This is bordering on the hostile shitposting/flamewar territory now so I'm done. I came here to show support for Chis B's cause, instead got faced with whatever this is - i'm out. o_O
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    Sorry . Not trying to turn it into a flame war. I am just making a point. It's one thing to buy into an ideology of FOSS. Its another to take on the risks associated with it. In my example. That employment scenario would be totally realistic. The Linux user base "should" be more tech savvy than the dumbie Windows & Mac user base. So the tickets that come in would be less and should be solvable by 1% of your client services team if the user base is supposedly 1 to 2 %. Now the fact that you might bitch and complain down the road how come all the Windows and Mac support guys are having so many coffee breaks because there are so many of them compared to you and you have to work every second to keep up with the tickets and that's unfair.. it going to be another discussion.

    So it comes down to put your money and job at stake if you believe it is going to be a success . The issue with FOSS is everyone likes the ideology behind it but no one wants to take on the risks associated with it. It's a lot more fun to just tag along for the ride and let someone else take the risks.

    I have no issue putting my job and pay cheque on the line in the idea of providing stable and reliable server based support services on FOSS technology. I do it and know it works.

    But I would not want to put my job on the line and say yes, investing X amount on a version for the FOSS community will work and supporting that community will be no problem .

    Organizations like the Apache foundation have it ingrained in their culture and mandate to promote and uphold FOSS. NI do not . They are a for profit COTS company that are in the business of selling consumer software and hardware. They have no vested interest it promoting FOSS because it does not make money for them and can only cause grief if the user base bitches and complains how badly the Linux based offerings are because it will spill over into the way the Windows and Mac offerings are percieved.

    Why don't you just use Bigwig? They have a Linux offering and should be a much better solution than something like Rose garden.

    FWIW.. It would be cool to have a Linux based alternative. But it would never make me move from OS X to a Linux flavor. There are too many other things I use in music that i need to work which do not warrant migrating over that easily.
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    fwiw, there is one okay alternative called Mixxx, but as much promise as it shows, it's not really what i'd call a drop-in replacement for Traktor. It does the job, and sure it's getting a lot better, but it's not quite there yet.

    On the side, i'm helping the guy who develops openAV-Ctlra get support working for the MK3, but progress is kinda slow, and we're limited on what we can do beyond sniffing USB Traffic with wireshark to work out what the control signals are. (HINT: proving very difficult with motorised jogs) o_O
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    if kontakt work in wine, there is a easy to do way with a little luck for kontaktg developers, using winelib and the winemaker(if it is for windows visual c++ projectfile) script and wine resource maker. this create makefiles and hopefully it compile without problems. steinberg have since some time their VST sdk add for linux.'s_Guide#What_is_Winelib.3F
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    If you want to persuade Native Instruments to provide a linux version, it is senseless to post arguments into this forum. Here, you may persuade users (or not) but that has no use. This thread is very old and still without any statement from any NI employee, therefore no good way to communicate this request with the right persons at NI.

    Regarding the Komplete Audio 6, this is a USB-class-compliant audio interface like the most others too. There is no special "Komplete Audio 6" drivers. The generic USB audio driver is enough. Under Windows and Mac OS X, it should also usable with the drivers provided by the operating system.