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Coming in the next update - Maschine, Komplete Kontrol, iMaschine

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by Kai @ NI, May 24, 2019.

  1. Kai @ NI

    Kai @ NI NI Team NI Team

    Hello everyone.

    My name is Kai and I’m the Lead Product Owner for our Music Production Software (MASCHINE, KOMPLETE KONTROL, iMASCHINE).
    We are currently preparing a new round of updates for MASCHINE, KOMPLETE KONTROL and also iMASCHINE, to be released during June / July 2019.

    Here is an overview of what to expect in these updates:


    There will be a small update to iMASCHINE coming, addressing the following issues:
    • FIXED intermittent crash on launch
    • FIXED possible crash when saving an instrument or kit
    • IMPROVED app startup time
    • IMPROVED visualisation on newer generation displays


    In the next update of Komplete Kontrol we added and improved a couple of features.

    Excerpt of the Changelog:
    • ADDED MCU Support for Komplete Kontrol S-Series MK2 and A-Series (including M32) keyboards
    • ADDED Audio Module to playback loops
    • ADDED a single button to scan sound library and plugins upon first launch
    • ADDED conversion of former Sub-Sub-Types to Characters for Loops and One-shots in User Library
    • ADDED ability to sync Releases from Sounds.com (formerly only collections)
    • ADDED original cover artwork and NKS colors shown for curated collections and releases from Sounds.com
    • IMPROVED MIDI mapping in KK now offers a “soft-takeover” of parameter values
    • FIXED an issue where Controller Mapping Learn wasn’t working
    • FIXED an issue where NKS Kontakt and Reaktor Libraries are reported as Vendor “NI”
    • FIXED an issue where setting a control surface in Ableton Live Crashes NIHIA
    • FIXED an issue where MIDI learn did not work with Sampler Pitch/Envelope type controls
    • FIXED an issue where MIDI parameter changes cannot be used to drive host automation
    • FIXED an issue where KKS contents missing with error "Another scan is currently in progress"
    • FIXED an issue where Sampler knobs do not show correct pickup visualizations
    While the features above are already wrapped up and ready to be shipped, we are working on Cubase / Nuendo Integration for A-Series keyboards and M32 (expected to be released in the summer).


    The next update of MASCHINE comes with several bug fixes and some minor feature updates

    Excerpt of the Changelog:
    • ADDED ability to sync Releases from Sounds.com (formerly only collections)
    • ADDED original cover artwork and NKS colors shown for curated collections and releases from Sounds.com
    • FIXED an issue where Controller Mapping Learn wasn’t working
    • FIXED an issue where MASCHINE would crash when a controller is plugged in / out or powered on / off while the application is running
    • FIXED an issue where Samples from Sounds.com are not tagged on Windows when having a multi-byte user name
    • FIXED an issue where the Komplete Kontrol MK1 screen overlay did not show the correct Sounds.com artwork
    • FIXED an issue where newly installed products from Native Access were not loaded into MASCHINE
    • FIXED an issue where the Sounds.com directory was scanned twice on startup
    • FIXED an issue where samples with edited vendor are placed in the 'Other' vendor category in the product tile view
    • FIXED an issue where Audio Plug-in KPI View shows timeline in seconds
    • FIXED an issue where loading a Sample via Files tab in Browser doesn't stop Preview
    • FIXED an issue where auditioning slices behaved incorrectly
    • ADDED Press pad to trigger sound with Audio plug-in without Transport running


    Many of you will be wondering and asking where we head next in terms of our development. All I can say at this point, is that we will be focussing on the heart of MASCHINE and KOMPLETE KONTROL.

    In our Beta environment (Centercode) we are able to share more details about our current work in progress, and plans for the next months. We are currently in the process of merging the KOMPLETE KONTROL and MASCHINE Beta environments. Once this is done, we are happy to invite you to apply to join. Keep an eye out here, you’ll be the first ones to know about this!

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  2. Old Mike

    Old Mike NI Product Owner

    That are great news for many users here. Thanks for these informations.
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  3. LoveEnigma

    LoveEnigma NI Product Owner

    Thanks for the information, Kai @ NI . Good luck to the team with the development and testing.

    MCU support for Komplete Kontrol keyboards is probably the highlight of this post. Unfortunately, I do not own any KK keyboard. Do you have any plans to add MCU and Controller Editor support for Mikro MK3 soon?

    This would be nice.
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  4. telecode101

    telecode101 NI Product Owner

    Thanks for the update! It's good to hear iMaschine is (sort of) alive and well and being worked on.
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  5. smoovbeats

    smoovbeats NI Product Owner

    After this long that's all we get for an update for imaschine.
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  6. Lab Rat

    Lab Rat NI Product Owner

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  7. StarSMASH

    StarSMASH NI Product Owner

    is this the polyphony issue users were speaking of?

    so this means i'll be able to use my MK2 s88 to automate parameters and navigate transport control within my DAW?
  8. HammyHavoc

    HammyHavoc NI Product Owner

    These are some serious updates! Loving the new direction of NI with communication and talking about what comes next. Good stuff!
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  9. Mac Tinitus

    Mac Tinitus NI Product Owner

    So ..Hope really this time .. the post has nothing to do with new Hardware release next months...At least it’s says me , if you want know more join beta .Thats ok but Song layer infos we can get reading here after this long silence or ?
    As owner of jam ( with get wrong facts about future) I think not need to join something to get infos about this situation... Ni get my money without any complication or registration somewhere , Thats years ago now ,but I wait till today that NI will clarify this story ..still waiting - here .But again I read nothing about this .So is This a true new start of communicating and information..or just another round mail ?
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  10. Uwe303

    Uwe303 NI Product Owner

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  11. CakeAlexS

    CakeAlexS NI Product Owner

    Sorry seen and heard it all before. We already know song mode was planned 3 years ago or so, and legacy bugs still not fixed (clearly not a priority).
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  12. Steve Mosher

    Steve Mosher NI Product Owner

    Good luck Kai -- You're going to need it.
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  13. Yves Zairre

    Yves Zairre NI Product Owner

    Can we have ability to convert any buttons to macro shortcut keys? For Maschine pls?
  14. dreddiknight

    dreddiknight NI Product Owner

    Kai @ NI
    Hi, thanks for communicating!
    Any chanceof addressing legacy PC Midi out bug?
    Any chance of implementing historic user requests, that were previously coming soon and seem to be forgotten?
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  15. Gorilla Texas

    Gorilla Texas NI Product Owner

    Anyway to implement transport control in plugin mode?
  16. Majestic Dakim

    Majestic Dakim NI Product Owner

    Well, it's about time NI got back on their grind. Akai was/is beating the breaks off of NI in the controller department (software too, if you pit MPC 2.5 against Maschine 2.8.x). Whatever and whenever, we need an update to replace the failed 2.8.x update. I've done nothing but maintenance since updating; hardly finishing tracks because something else seems out of whack. Just waiting for June/July.
  17. StarSMASH

    StarSMASH NI Product Owner

    this is what i keep hearing and why I won't update until I've heard the bugs are fixed. I really want to know about that sampler polyphony issue.
  18. CakeAlexS

    CakeAlexS NI Product Owner

    I just want to add my comment was towards NI and not Kai at all. Thanks
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  19. Masch1ne

    Masch1ne NI Product Owner

    The open communication is great but there are so many things that everyone wants that are yet to be added but been talked about for years.

    iMaschine Midi we want midi!

    Maschine I see most of the fixes are related to sounds.com no one even asked for integration with sounds.com. What we want is a song mode like we were promised.

    Development with Maschine is super slow. Time to slow down on the Hardware pill and fix your software or you will see a lot of customers sell up and move away from the ecosystem.
  20. bilposey

    bilposey NI Product Owner

    What about that choke feature ?
    In komplete kontrol that mirrors maschine in standalone !
    Because ,I literally have all my to put all my sounds on ADSR?