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Coming in the next updates of MASCHINE & KOMPLETE KONTROL

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by Kai @ NI, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. Steve Mosher

    Steve Mosher NI Product Owner

    There is a manual? :)
  2. RedwardMc

    RedwardMc New Member

    I just want a simple time-stretch/follow tempo in the sampler for keyboard mode.

    And as long as the don't break anything to appeal to the DAW controller crowd, I'll be happy.
  3. 33tetragammon

    33tetragammon NI Product Owner

    oh yes aftertouch support in Maschine please devs!!!
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  4. Cosmo Supatrain

    Cosmo Supatrain NI Product Owner

    I read some time ago that NI was finally going to allow KK to write automation into my DAW when tweaking knobs for 3rd party effects. Can someone please let me know what the is the status on that? Any progress or recent announcements?
  5. Baer

    Baer NI Product Owner

    +1 would like that too. For all fx, no matter if NI or 3rd party. At this stage the KK plugin does not expose any effect parameters to the outside, only the instrument parameters
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  6. MattSE

    MattSE NI Product Owner

    Any word on when this is issue is likely to be resolved? The latest Logic X 10.4.6 update is not long out, but there's still no ability to record any automation from KK in Logic.
  7. mrsikuencer

    mrsikuencer New Member

    Komplete Kontrol M32 Support Inside Komplete Kontrol Standalone (.exe)
    - Transport Control (Play, stop)??
    - Ability to Adjust Tempo??
    - Ability to Control Master Volume??
    Please let me know if it's something impossible so I stop asking for it and quit waiting.
  8. D4ve

    D4ve New Member

    thank you :thumbsup:
  9. Masch1ne

    Masch1ne NI Product Owner

    Cobra Kai with the smack down
  10. Stormchild

    Stormchild NI Product Owner

    I read all manuals — usually before buying the product. NI manuals are very good.
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  11. basehead617

    basehead617 NI Product Owner

    Probably the best manual of any audio product ever released in fact - Maschine at least.
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  12. adic27

    adic27 NI Product Owner

    • Recording patterns in MASCHINE without pre-defining their length - You will be able to just play and record - the pattern length will automatically extend until you stop recording. (This will be an additional recording mode. The currently existing functionality and workflows will remain) Audio
    Anyone no if there's a demonstration of this somewhere on the internet? Wanna see if it's what I think it is. Hope so. Got a feeling I'll be disappointed like the half-assed "time at stretch" they gave us
  13. Julien Nakache

    Julien Nakache New Member

    Hey guys, there are still quite a few frustrating limitations with the Ableton integration. For example, there is no way to assign the keyboard to a track without losing focus so one can use the keyboard smart features while another track is selected in the Ableton. That completely defeats the vision of Komplete keyboards being the "center piece of your studio". As it is, it is just a glorified second screen that displays information / exposes controls that you are already seeing on your main computer monitor.

    Where can we post, browse and vote for feature requests for Komplete? Unless there is a dedicated way to collect user feedback this, I fear the integrations will remain sub-par.

  14. trusampler

    trusampler NI Product Owner

    Can Native Instruments please focus on Multi-timbral Instruments -> (Multi's) for Komplete Kontrol, please this request is a huge one and has been for years. It's a shame we can have multi efx, but not so when it comes to sounds!
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  15. BobF3

    BobF3 NI Product Owner

    Would be super sweet if the Maschine GUI was resizable when plugged into a DAW (Studio One, Reaper)
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  16. Kai @ NI

    Kai @ NI NI Team NI Team

    Hey everyone!

    Thank you all for the positive feedback on our current communication and the appreciation of some of the features to come. As you all can see, there are many different requests, and as mentioned in other posts already I can't follow up on each one individually. Just be aware that we are reading and noting your comments. As we go we will actively seek options to implement some of those. In our recurring updates we'll let you know what we are working on and expect to be next to come.

    One note for BobF3: In many hosts, there are limitations when it comes to resizing plugins - meaning the window size is given by the host and not freely scalable in some cases. However the Maschine plugin actually has an option to change the displayed size (small, medium, large).

    Click the downward facing triangle next to the MASCHINE logo > go to view > Select a size Small, Medium, Large (see image below)

    Screenshot 2019-08-14 18.46.29.png

    Maybe this helps as a workaround for the moment.
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  17. BobF3

    BobF3 NI Product Owner

    Thanks Kai. I should have tried that as that is how GR5 works. Yes, that's a bit better.

    I had FL Studio in mind when I mentioned this. Just launched it again inside of Reaper and appears that the FLS plug launches a full FLS window to achieve the size/resize functionality. Very handy.

    Thanks again.
  18. CPAF

    CPAF NI Product Owner

    Yes THIS! i want to use KK consistently in Cubase but I can't because of the lack of functionality with multis in Kontakt. This is especially needed for instruments with many articulations when you use expression Maps. You almost always have to make a multi and route them seperately to the same track but where rach has its own set of articulations. But as soon as you make a multi all the knobs in KK are scrambled!

    The only exception to this is, weirdly, Session String Pro 2 which works perfectly! I have three onstances in a multi with each one javing nine different articulations where each instance is on a separate midichannel so I can change articulations (i use metagrid).

    Then if I want to tweak the sound I just use my KK61s mk2 with the knobs in KK as usual and All instance respond! Its perfect!

    When addidng the instances it actually scrambled the knobs at first but if you after addidng all three instances double click in the KK browser on the preset you want, the knobs go back to normal! Great!

    But unfortunately I have yet to find any other library doing this! Fx Session Horns Pro can't do it!
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  19. kaotik78

    kaotik78 NI Product Owner

    Something to look forward to, especially the no predefined pattern length for recording!!
  20. Kaelthas

    Kaelthas New Member

    • FIXED A problem where some AU plug-ins that have their own sequencer (i.e. Melodyne) were not responding to the transport control correctly
    • FIXED A problem where some AU plug-ins did not process audio when hosted in MASCHINE

    I understood that you had corrected the fact of some problems of sound.
    Example :
    In the last song that I composed I use among other : In Time lapse and Rumble Fold and when later I restart Maschine 2, they are present on their corresponding track but do not play.
    I need to write their name in the search bar and reinstall them again.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2019