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Coming up: Free Maschine update with VST/AU plugin hosting

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by Thomas @ NI, Nov 11, 2010.

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    JAHROME NI Product Owner

    Ahh..but the direction of this conversation was generalizing what software/hardware musicians use. As I stated already, us so-called hardware musicians use as much software as any one. In fact, I only own a few pieces of hardware...MPC 5000/1000, A-90 controller, Fantom-G, and Maschine. Everything else I use is software to include GigaStudio, Battery 3, Reason 4, Logic Pro, Mach 5, Emulator X, and various plugins. I have used various MIDI and USB controllers with software over time. Logic and Euphonix combo was my previous failed attempt to duplicate MPC workflow. Still, I have yet to find a controller that I can use with software that gives me what I have with an MPC. The only other products that come close for me is the MV-8800 NI has obviously realized the needs of this niche market and is capitalizing on it with Maschine....the "future" of these types of products.

    As far as time stretching/pitch shifting...while it is not perfect in the MPC...at least it is an option. And also, lets not get stuck on just an MPC. The MV-8800 is also part of the debate and has pretty good time stretching/pitch shifting..and can even do it in real time.

    It seems your direction of statements is taking us back to where it all started when Maschine was released. No one needs to be offended that MPC/MV users want NI to add their most powerful functions to Maschine. This is the way to capitalize off this market. If you truly enjoy working with Maschine, I am quite positive you will still like it if NI decides to add these MPC/MV features that are not currently in Maschine.

    As far as traveling..I am not going there. That will take us way off topic.
  2. sowari

    sowari Moderator Moderator

    Re: timestretching... i have no need for imperfect timestetching in Maschine.. i own Battery and Reaktor, so i will be able to use those as VSTs in Maschine :lol:

    i do however, have the need for near perfect timestrtching in Maschine, something like Ableton's would do me.

    i would also like Maschine to have MPC/MV's "more powerful features", so why would i be offended by MPC/MV users?

    whether, traveling is off topic or not, the fact is, doing gigs is more important to me than producing tracks, so the "portable aesthetic" is my main consideration when it comes to choosing my music making tools.


    JAHROME NI Product Owner

    So you want the "more powerful features" (if any) of the MPC/MV yet you keep talking about what you feel is imperfect? It still seems you are stuck on MPC when nearly all the functions I wrote above can also be accomplished using an MV..but not Maschine yet. Roland has been the leader in timestretch/pitchshifting samplers...so lessons learned can be taken from them as well.

    I acknowledge some users want something portable and light for gigs. Others (like myself) its not an issue since it will never be removed from my humble abode. And yet there are others that even if Maschine was the size of drum or keyboard workstation..they still would take it a gig. This is why talking about traveling is....what it is (in the words of Mike Tomlin).

    So....while you are enjoying OS 1.6...the rest of us feeble mortals will wait til its available to the masses. lol Staying on topic as much as I can..NI, please integrate VST support of NI products with Maschine's controller to the greatest extent possible....
  4. AikiGhost

    AikiGhost NI Product Owner

    By the sounds of what Ive been reading in a few threads here that is very much the intent. I expect over the next few years that the integration of maschine, kore and komplete will get tighter, a lot tighter.
  5. jonespnice

    jonespnice NI Product Owner

    I think we're missing the point in this MPC/Maschine debate, the truth is that both are great instruments/groove boxes. Being a person that goes back to the late 80s using 2 boom boxes (bouncing break beats from tape deck to tape deck) to make beats I've learned that you have to ask yourself can I get the job done with what I currently have, it might just take a couple extra steps to do it. Almost everyone has a sampler that does time stretching (kontakt) you can use that to timestretch and then bring it into Maschine or the MPC. The point that I'm trying to make is that it's all good Maschine or the MPC just as long as it allows you make the beats that your hear I. Your head.
    My 2 cents.
  6. sowari

    sowari Moderator Moderator

    that is a good point... things take time to get right, we can't expect 100% perfect integration and features that will please 100% of the users, just like that.

  7. noiserot

    noiserot Forum Member

    I'm not sure if people understand what it would take to do something like that when they make such suggestions. There is a reason NI implemented Maschine in the way they did and that it's able to do what it does. Adding some memory card to the controller is not going to help make it become a standalone hardware. Standalone hardware like the MPC are basically very limited proprietary computers and they're a dying breed because it no longer makes sense both financially and technically for the long term.

    Besides, most MPCs are used connected to the computer for tracking out anyway. The advantage of Maschine is that it takes the workflow of standalone hardware and goes even further by being even more efficient. It's not really relevant whether it can be "standalone" without being attached to a computer.
  8. jpeg

    jpeg Forum Member

    looking forward to 1.6 fasho but rewire would also be dope
  9. jonespnice

    jonespnice NI Product Owner

    Yes I know I'm probably talking out the side of my neck, I don't have a clue to the man hours it would take for these features, but as far as standalone is concerned I think the beat thang is supposed to work without a computer, just saying it would've been nice.
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2011
  10. atomar

    atomar Forum Member

    i've heard of people who are using such removable memory cards, which in fact is just a harddisk with a lot of electronic stuff around it. They connect the maschine via usb and for installation and setup there is a big screen and keyboard they can use when opening the case of the memory card. Thats cool! :D
  11. lethal_pizzle

    lethal_pizzle NI Product Owner

    Yep. my removable memory card has a 15.4" screen, a core2duo processor, a trackpad, keyboard and a 500gig hard drive. It is awesome, upgradeable, and because they make lots of them, the economies of scale means it doesn't cost the earth!
  12. TJ

    TJ NI Product Owner

  13. vinceprice

    vinceprice NI Product Owner

    So you are comparing something that cost like 1800 bucks that when it came out cost 3500 bucks to Maschine. Also hasn't the MPC 5000 been out way longer than Maschine? You said OS 2 is Maschine on OS 2? And is a MPC5000 more powerful than a PC? Can you put 4 to 32gb of ram in a MPC? Oh yeah can Omnisphere run on MPC now or in the near future? Omnisphere has an arpregiator so I don't really think it matters. The Maschine is more in the MPC1000s price range not the MPC 5000 so don't you think it's crazy how you are comparing something that is 599 to something that is 1600-3499? Oh and check this out I found this just for you. :D

  14. EpikureeR

    EpikureeR NI Product Owner

    totally pwned :D:D:D
    still reading
    Line for line pwned in product treatment :D:D
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2011
  15. vinceprice

    vinceprice NI Product Owner

    Maschine has made leaps and bounds from when it was origianally released. I don't see why people are comparring it to something that's been out way longer. It doesn't make sense. If you are going to compare the MPC5000 to something compare it to the 4000 and think about the time it came out. Why didn't akai do what NI did? Instead they decided to pretty much abandon the mpc to make controllers for Ableton. JAHROME is talking about software heads and hardware heads blah blah look at what the people who made the MPC are doing right now. I personally think the MPC5000 was a waste of something that could have been good if they would have embraced the software side like NI did. Why didn't they make it a USB interface that had a GUI for the computer? It retailed at 3499 you know what you can get for 3499? Come on man really lmao Tell me this doesn't kill an mpc5000

    XPS 17 Laptop
    Traktor S4
    MOTU UltraLite-mk3 Hybrid
    M-Audio Axiom 49

    Around $3500 the origional retail price of an MPC5000

    and most of us already have a computer so you can take 1100 off if you are most of us.

    Maybe replace it with a nice UAD 2 Card.

    I'm just sayin......
  16. Muzical

    Muzical Forum Member


    Aight Vince, aight. Enough with the Ownage. You proved your point so please stop it.
    I want the link to Jahrome's youtube? I wanna hear some tracks to verify all this "knowledge" he's in here. :p
  17. noiserot

    noiserot Forum Member

    Check the links in this thread:
    "This is the music that commands such complex features. It's pretty heavy stuff. :D
    *his daughter played the piano - kinda Zelda-ish in sound
    done with "my Fantom G" and the MPC5000


    ....and his early classic works

    The man needs a lot of features for that kind of musicianship and killer chops."
  18. Muzical

    Muzical Forum Member

    Not Impressed With The Tunes ....

    Oh Snaps. Thanks for the links noiserot. dude works for akai of some sort?hmmmmmm. I'd swear I read in one of Jahrome's post somewhere he was doing nursing or in the medical field or something to that effect a while back.
    According to facebook, he's in the army?. Which is which? Does dude has anything to do with music production or what? His knowledge of hardware sounds impressive (insert sarcastic smile here) but I'd like to see a video or something of how he really push his gear to the limit.
    I peeped the myspace, I was let down. All this NI gear requests clearly shows, dude is frustrated with what he's got. Now I can see why :) Software can be so intimidating to some.


    http://www.facebook.com/pages/DJ-2Tru/370441591114 - accessible to everyone.

    Activities and Interests
    Other Yokota Air Base
    Basic Information
    About Jerome 20 years in the Air Force....retirement eligible!
    Contact Information Facebook facebook.com/fuller.jerome
    Music : DJ 2Tru aka jahrome


    Attached Files:

  19. theinvis

    theinvis NI Product Owner

    what kind of bull **** is this, a personal attack like this is un-called for!
    you guys do something like this because you don't like that the guy prefers an mpc, or you don't like the features he's requesting for the maschine ?
    you guys are a couple of ****ing idiots, he uses maschine, he's not on natives buddy list he paid money for maschine and has stated that he'll purchase the next version of maschine and you guys want to go and put down dudes music and put his daughter in this light all in an effort to question his knowledge base?
    you mofos cross the line, you should apologize or step, matter of fact just step, and keep on steppin all the way to the video store and once you get there I want you to rent the dvd of that movie 'Step' , and I want you to go home and watch that
    dvd several times until you get the steps down right, and then I want you to step for the rest of your rotten lives.

    you guys are obviously retarded, you call into question dudes music/ artistic merrit
    inside a discussion about maschine /mpc features ? wtf is that ?
    go on scat beat it, slither away
  20. mjames4208

    mjames4208 NI Product Owner

    thank for that......
    now can we get back on topic
    and stop with the personal attacks!
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