Controlling FX with Mc Mix (Artist Mix)

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    Sorry for double posting but at first I did not see that there is a dedicated forum for Studio FX.
    I recently upgraded to NI Komplete Ultimate 9. I was especially happy with the addition of the effects to my plugin arsenal.
    The solid series and vintage compressors are really great!
    Unfortunately I noticed that my Mc Mix is not controlling those plugins the way it should. It basically turns the plugin knobs instantly all the way right or left (like on-off switching) or does not control them at all. The Mc Mix display window shows the names of the parameters correctly. I cannot operate those plugins the way I can with basically all other plugins that I own. (softube,waves,sound-toys) Does anyone have such an issue with PT and NI effects?
    I am on Eucon 3.0.1 PT 11.0.2 I also tried the same plugins in Cubase 7.5 and there MC Mix was controlling the parameters as usual and excepted.So it seems that it is a PT issue. PT 10.3.7 has the same issue. On the other hand all other plugins from many different companies work without any problems. It only comes down to this combination: PT-NI effects-EuconMc(Artist) Mix
    Anyone experiencing the same ?
    Any ideas?

    Thank You
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    Hey there, i hope you're still around on this site. I just recently picked up and artist mix and am still working out the bugs and deciding if I want to keep it. Do you ever get this problem resolved? I cant live without my VC2A...