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Cue point strategies

Discussion in 'KONTROL S2 / KONTROL S3 / KONTROL S4' started by Jangla, Jan 10, 2020.

  1. Jangla

    Jangla NI Product Owner

    Having recently watched Ean Golden's Youtube video on how he advises setting cue points, I've been looking at how to improve my own.


    One major question is still bugging me though - do you set yours up in the order they appear in the timeline or in order of function?

    Allow me to explain a little more:

    The basic strategy is to set a Load cue, one or two Fade Out cues, a Loop cue at the end of the track and then what ever standard cues you feel like you need in the track. What I'm struggling to justify in my own head is whether it's better workflow to use:

    1. Timeline order
    Pad 1: Load Cue
    Pad 2: Cue
    Pad 3: Cue
    Pad 4: Fade Out Cue
    Pad 5: Fade Out Cue
    Pad 6: Loop Cue

    Pros: You can rely on the fact that each pad represents a point further in timeline than the previous one, giving you a high level read out of the track and it's cues.

    1. Functional order
    Pad 1: Load Cue
    Pad 2: Fade Out Cue
    Pad 3: Fade Out Cue
    Pad 4: Loop Cue
    Pad 5: Cue
    Pad 6: Cue

    Pros: You can rely on the fact that your first few pads will always be the ones with the key functions you rely on to get into and out of a track.

    Overall it seems like a minor difference but before I rip through my tune collection, I feel like making the right long term choice will provide more benefit. I'm just not sure of the wider workflow implications (if any) of each choice as I'm new to digital DJing, coming from a vinyl background.
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  2. bohlrocka

    bohlrocka New Member

    Hi Jangla,

    I asked myself the same question.
    Right now I use the chronological order, seams more natural to me, and serato has this feature to put cues chronologically.

    But messing around with the S4 mk3, and the fact, that you don‘t have separate slots for loops in traktor, I for now put cues in the first pad row and loops in the second row. Furthermore, intro loops left and outro loops right.
  3. muthafunka

    muthafunka NI Product Owner

    Chronological all day long - referring to the playing laptop waveform then looking at the S4 it just makes total sense. I can only see any other way really working if you're focused on mashups and pad performance as opposed to playing tracks across a linear timeline.