DDJ-T1 Hot Cue Issue

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  1. malachina

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    hey guys, on my Pioneer DDJ-T1 (which i'm loving!) i have an issue setting the second hot cue. all the other hot cues (1-8) work fine (they set and delete like they're supposed to) but for some reason whenever i press the button to set hot cue #2, the corresponding track just unloads and i'm left with a blank deck.

    one time this happened and hot cue #2 was stored but most of the time i reload the track and HC2 isn't there.

    like i said all other HCs work normally. this affects both decks (!)

    anyone else had this? i'm running Traktor Pioneer DDJ-T1 Edition v. 1.2.8.

    thanks in advance!
  2. stijnboury

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    I also have that problem, you already fixed it?
  3. Quade

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    hey guys, i'm experiencing the very same problem now, it's right after i replaced my crossfader, it's now doing that, have any of you resolved it? i've had my unit for over 7 years now, have given me any issues till now.

    i will try work on the issue myself when i do get time, but if you managed to have resolve it, kindly let me know, will inform you if i have resolved it my side.

    kind thanks.

    Peace @dj WillyD2
  4. Quade

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    Hey Guys

    GREAT NEWS!!!!! I solved the problem!!

    Please be aware i'm using a Windows 10 Laptop & Desktop.

    Soooooooo Here's What You Do.....

    #1 - Run Traktor

    #2 - Open Preferences Menu

    #3 - Click on " Controller Manager "

    #4 - Click On Device

    #5 - Select " Pioneer.DDJ-T1

    #6 - Click On Edit & Then Click On " Delete "

    A dialog box will appear stating the Following....

    " Do you really want to remove the device: Pioneer.DDJ-T1 from the device IO list?
    Click " YES "

    Now copy this file " New pioneer DDJ-T1 " to your native instruments Directory
    Example " C:\Users\DJ Willy''D''\Documents\Native Instruments\Traktor 2.11.0 "
    Then Go back to Traktor, Still in the controller manager setting

    #7 - Click Add... Then hover over Import TSI

    #8 - Scroll down to Import Other...

    Go to your native Instruments folder where you have copied the file to

    A dialog box should appear & everything else EXCEPT Controller Mapping should be greyd out.

    Click ok, Close traktor & run Traktor again, Reconnect your controller & that should work.

    I just tested now ( 21:00 CAT ) & it's working, Hot Cue 2 now works again, does not unload the track.

    Appreciate the feedback & happy to be of assistance.

    Download Link


    Peace @DjWillyD2