Designer Series of Timecode Double 12"s

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  1. runningoutofspace

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    As I ready myself for official Scratch Certification coming for the Rane MP-2015 in TP 2.8, I find myself wondering why there isn't a larger selection (or better options) for the timecode vinyls. I personally own a pair of Fluorescent Orange MK1 12"s, standard Black MK2 12"s, my cherished Clear MK2 12"s but I want more! My problem is: I can't seem to find much of anything nicer than standard black vinyls.

    While most will only need two discs for playing out, I think that it's always a good time to keep the timecode vinyl fresh by creating new colors, sizes, and weights.

    I offer some of my ideas here and hope NI will consider them:
    Re-issue fluorescent/Glow In the Dark discs: Orange, Blue, Green
    Add White (Glow-in the dark greenish white),
    (Stabilo) Neon Pink and Neon Yellow
    More standard colors: Magic mint, Aquamarine, Persian green, Prussian blue, Electric indigo, Chartreuse, Gold (metallic), School bus yellow, Mahogany, Doo-doo Brown!, etc.

    Clears: Bottle Green, Blue Bottle Jellyfish blue, Smoke, Portuguese Man O'War coloration; Pink and Yellows with that light cast effect.

    Oh yeah.....where's the 10"s? Picture discs with designs, color mixtures, etc.

    Some of these colors may not even be possible ...but in my honest opinion, NI needs to revamp the timecode pressing program.

    I'd love to be able to assist with this part and allow the labels to get a little more style...
    Designs, official Designer series doesn't need to commission art. People who love vinyl and want to use timecode would get a treat with just a few more colors, more sizes, more weight, and more character - all are needed! I'd even say that even a white and single solid colored labels (that match the disc), kinda look blank but have White UV painted text around the edges of the label would be dope too...

    I'm interested. I'd love to discuss further.
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  2. Karlos Santos

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    This is an often made request.
    I would love to see more colours and more collaborations with cool companies - I've mentioned that I'd like some Stussy timecode numerous times on this forum.

    I really don't know why NI haven't pursued this. I'm sure people would buy a lot of cool timecode. There have been a few collaborations such as the original marble Desolat vinyl and the Super-Seal editions by Thudrumble.

    10" would be nice... do you know they once made a very limited edition run of 7" timecode? I have them :D

    very old picture.
  3. runningoutofspace

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    • Yeah, I kinda remember the 7"s but they're all gone now. Currently, there's only 12" MK2 vinyls in colors red, white, blue, clear and black. All of them are NI standard colors so they'll do the job but IMHO, they aren't going to appeal to anyone looking for a bit of individualism...special flavors.
    • I don't believe there should be an overly expensive Designer series with big names commanding high fees that either push the price beyond reason and/or add a soon-to-be-forgotten non-timecode side of tracks on the pressing but I believe there's enough good ideas to make a new limited pressing series of officially allowed styles of timecode vinyls.

    • So, a limited run of like 250-500 pressings released at a normal pace and reasonable price would ensure that there's constantly renewed interest for the individual vinyls themselves. I don't know how hard it is to get NI approval to produce some third-party vinyls for/with NI but I have thought about this for a long time and now, more than ever, I'd like to explore this or push for a revamp.
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  4. runningoutofspace

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    Examples of 74 other colors:
    Haven't even seen what they can do with Fluorescent pellets and... picture discs....they're not the only pressing plant out there so who knows.

    Personally, I'm really liking the idea of a one sided vinyl with Lasering on the other side since one side is all that you'll ever need but.... the speed options/preferences of others dictate the need for two sides ~ one at 33 1/3 RPM and another at 45RPM. Anyway, here's an example of a clear pressing with one side lasered: I think it looks good but one side at one speed is limiting.

    Looking at the site, I'm thinking of contacting NI directly about this. The good thing is that with timecode pressings you don't have to worry too much about using the crazy colors that make DJ's blind to remaining play time (some colors used on record pressings make it hard to see the grooves to figure out approximately how much play time remains)....because it'll all be there on your screen (if you have your Traktor setting right).
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  5. Toffeelad

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    Hi, I would also love to see some more different time-code vinyl colors, sizes, and limited edition pressings for traktor scratch pro 2.. I know that thud rumble has made a couple that are cool, but i would still like to see some more variety out there for us all (from N.I), that would be mint. As the colors out there now are a bit dull :( and not much variety to choose from at the moment. thanks
  6. for all those

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  7. Karlos Santos

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    NI timecode is copyrighted. This would be an illegal activity and NI would not send you anything to allow you to do this.

  8. Ravinstomper

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    Yes please I would love to have custom timecodes.

    It strikes me to think why NI have just a small selected few to choose from. Just type in 'serato vinyl' in Google and see what pops up.... Even seratos web site has so many to choose from its easy to get lost in it all.

    Come on NI don't let the opportisition have all the custom vinyl market to themselves! Stop limiting yourself and WAKE UP!!

    Still love you guys tho lol
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  9. TroyMichael

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    Looks like DJ craze uses custom Time Code Vinyl... ?

    Would the CDs also be copyrighted? I know a lot of people just copied the NI time code CDs.

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  10. Karlos Santos

    Karlos Santos Rocket Man Moderator

    They are probably just clear timecode with 'Slow Roast' stickers.
    I have re-stickered loads of my timecode.

    However NI might have had them pressed for him seeing as he's promoting their stuff.

    Making duplicate timecode CDs probably is breaking the EULA but it would be foolish to think people wouldn't make copies.
    Vinyl is different. I don't think many people have vinyl cutting or pressing machines so it would have to be done by a 3rd party in which case just buying spare NI copies would be cheaper.

    I have long been a supporter of the suggestion that NI should make more funky timecode - I think my suggestion of STUSSY + NI Timecode goes back about 8 years :(
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