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Discussion in 'KONTROL D2' started by frankle, Feb 23, 2019.

  1. frankle

    frankle NI Product Owner

    Been waiting so long to be able to customise some of the buttons/knobs on the D2 like I have with my X1mk2's ...

    The first issue I have is Device Target does not follow along with the Deck in focus on your D2 screen, it instead uses global Focus.

    Can we please have this work like when you use CDJ's whereby the deck you select is the target?

  2. Nick Moon

    Nick Moon NI Product Owner

    Whist fundamental to making this new functionality usable on the D2/S8, I have a feeling NI can't/won't fix this. I recall the original discussions about the difference between what Traktor sees as the device target and what the controller sees as the device target basically not being compatible. It may be because the way 2 decks per D2 controller or section of S8 have been implemented at a hardware level. This is another example of NI finally doing something and not communicating all the information properly and leaving the users to work out its a mess (again). This will no doubt be followed up with a note in the support site cleverly written to not admit there is a problem.
  3. Knth

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    Heya man, I did a workaround by creating a Modifier1 on "deck button" that switch to M1=1 when pressed (deck C active) and back to M1=0 (deck A active) after being pressed again. (dont overwrite factory map, uncheck that option so your DECK still works)
    Afterwards you need to assign a M1=1 or M1=0 modifier into your midi commands for corresponding decks (A) (C) and overwritting the factory mapping command with these new ones.

    Mainly I use this for overwritting the side screen buttons while the browser is active, but I struggle finding out what to edit in .QML file for showing only 5 tracks with much bigger FONT size rather than a list of 10 for example. Anyone know?
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  4. frankle

    frankle NI Product Owner

    Thanks ... was trying to use another button as a modifier, completely forgot I could use the deck button like that! :rolleyes:

    Time to have some fun with making it do what I’ve wanted it to do ...