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Discussion in 'Previous TRAKTOR Versions' started by donnie1986, Aug 9, 2014.

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    I have made a edit of a track in Ableton, the original recording was on a vinyl (bad start i know). In Ableton and Audacity (for when I convert it to MP3) it is peaking just below the clipping point but when I load the track into Traktor it only has minimal volume, meaning I cant view the lay out of the track.

    Doing a bit of reading on various forums this could be down to Mastering, though from what i have read this only improves perceived volume, not actual volume.

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    if you're in Ableton, you can boost your signal by adding the neutral mastering plug on master. that will help you to get more volume on the other sound paths too. But I strongly recommend you to forget about mp3 files for you to play. use wave files or your sound will always sound crapy, especially on a good sound system.
    mp3 is good for listening music in your car, but on stage, just forget it.

    go in audio effects => audio effect rack => mastering => neutral mastering.

    You might need to watch some tutorials on youtube about using those plugs, or get advices from other users, I'm not very good in this part, just trying to find you an easy quick solution ^^