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dulcitone and prepared binaural harpsichord

Discussion in 'Third-Party Sample Libraries' started by lucky_bleeder, Jul 14, 2007.

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  1. lucky_bleeder

    lucky_bleeder NI Product Owner

    hi there

    just thought i'd better let you know about two kontakt based sampled instruments.

    the DULCITONE is a rare and beautiful portable keyboard that was originally made for missionaries to hump around remote african village churches to perk up hymn services.
    it has a very basic piano action with spring loaded felt covered hammers striking small magnet shaped tuning forks. its a bit like a Fender Rhodes electric piano without the electric bit and has a woody, clonky glockenspiel/celesta kind of sound.very bjorky.

    apparently no one has sampled one before.

    you can have a look and listen to mine here

    and also tiny binaural harpsichord

    110meg of binaurally multi-sampled "Arnold Dolmetsch" portable harpsichord.
    Its neither old nor antique , its not even in perfect tune but its been lovingly sampled with in ear microphones and a fake head (except the prepared stuff)

    2 adjustable layers of binaural harpsichord-ness (open and mute)
    1 adjustable release layer of harpsichord note off clunk.
    ......and 2 more layers of adjustable john cage style prepared-ness.

    both sets are £15 each
    and availible in Kontakt ( and other formats ) here...


    pendle poucher
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.