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    I'm about to make a custom mapping for my F1 and was wondering if anyone has taken on the boring task of making a list of which midi values makes which colour on the pads.

    Did it last time for the launchpad and nearly brought me to tears. lol. I've searched on google but haven't been successful.

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    It's pretty straight-forward, here's how it works.

    You of course need to put it in midi mode to control the color through software, and you also have to configure that properly in Control Center. Set the pads you want to change the colors on to LED mode "HSB", and set it to whatever note or CC you want.

    Now all you need to do is follow the protocol accordingly. For the CC or Note of the button:
    Channel 1 = Hue <- this is the actual color itself, 0=Red, and up through a 128 color rainbow :)
    Channel 2 = Saturation <- this is how much white is mixed in to the color selected by hue 0= pure white 127=pure hue
    Channel 3 = Brightness <- this is the actual power output of the LED

    So if you set a button to CC10, if you Send a 0 to CC10, Channel 1; a 127 to CC10, Channel 2; and a 127 to CC10, Channel 3, you'll get a bright red button.

    Best part of this set-up is that you can use dynamic values from the software, such as Traktor, to power evolving colors and effects.

    Anywho, I hope this is the answer you were looking for, and ENJOY! :lol:
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    For a F1 custom mapping, don't use midi unless you have to. Use the native protocol in user mode and set the colors and all settings using the controller editor (ie the external program). Both midi mode and user mode have possibilities and restrictions of their own but the user mode is way easier to set up if that's what you're looking for, especially when it comes to led feedback.