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    I've been getting back into music lately and wanted to take part in the "summer of sound". I had not logged in in a while so i check the "My Komplete offers" section and see two products available to me:
    1: Komplete 12 Update for 129,99CA$
    2: Komplete 12 Ultimate Upgrade for 649,50CA$

    If i click on option 1, price changes to 259,50CA$
    If i click on option 2, price stays the same.
    If the site knows i'm not eligible for the Komplete 12 Update and only the upgrade, why is it offering it to me at that price?

    I already have Komplete 11 Select from owning an original Maschine. I do not know what i gain from buying Maschine Factory Upgrade+Komplete 12 Select because the only two things I don't already have are Phasis and Rickenbacker Bass.

    My line of work is IT so i don't have too large of a budget. I could afford 130$ but not the 260$ one.

    What would you guys do?

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    might perhaps be a (display) bug in the 'My Komplete offers' page.

    In any case, I'd recommend to always check (your) prices for all possible update/upgrade path options directly in the NI webshop (after logging in with your account), in general:
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    Thank you for pointing that out to us.
    It looks like indeed like a display bug as you should see "MY UPGRADE" for Komplete 12 too with the right price. When the page doesn't find a qualifying product for the bundle, it simply shows the update and full price (without the green box) by default.
    As it was recommended, the best in such case is to check directly on the pricing page.
    We'll look into this issue as soon as possible and hopefully, this can be fixed for our next sale.