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Filter for each sample Layer

Discussion in 'Feature Request Archive' started by dafabe, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. dafabe

    dafabe New Member

    I bought Maschine back when the MRK2 and on each new release I expected NI might include this. Was wondering if NI plan to add this feature any time soon?

    I just find it so annoying when i have 2 samples layered on the one pad and to make them fit all I have to do is use a filter, but I have to either put the sample on another pad or record a new filtered version to put on the pad.
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  2. tappazee

    tappazee New Member

    Hi can I bump this one up. I'm a refugee from Geist 2 (riddled with bugs, crashfest and no updates) and that program has complete FX and routing options for each layer on each pad. So there is another mixer page for 'layers' in addition to 'pads' and 'groups' and 'master'. I produce DnB and this is pretty essential as I'll often be working with a drum loop which I want to thicken out with e.g. 808-type samples which all need individual filtering and EQing. I can then send all the different layers to different channels in logic for separate mixing if I want. Maschine's pad link isn't ideal for this function as I usually need all 16 pads for slicing the loop alone. The layer mixer just gives more flexibility.

    The way things have gone with Geist 2, there will likely be more of us switching over to Maschine, and I hope those people request this useful feature. For now, it's much quicker to compose the loop in geist and import it into Maschine before geist crashes!
  3. theinvis

    theinvis NI Product Owner

    two questions Tappazee. Did Geist ever get any updates since your last post about it, any bugs being squished?
    and did fxEpansion implement Flac support and mp3 support now that the lame license is free?