Final Solution To Audio Drop Outs Crackles Etc Using Traktor S4

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    :D At last the final solution for all relating to Native Instuments unreliable drivers for those using Traktor S4 with Windows. I have had the Traktor S4 since it was released the laptop i was using fell well within the perameters required to run Traktor S4, but when i installed the S4 software and subsequently the S4, there were drop outs and freezing. After reading all of the posts available i reluctantly bought another laptop, it was unnecessary as i was about to find out for the first time last night.The new laptop performed not too badly but when you put the S4 through it's paces or asked it to do erratic things it would drop out for a second or so here and there , enough to drive you out of your mind. I asked it to do extreme things to try and make it crash. I succeeded and it was then that i decided to plug my Maya 44 USB sound card in and load the drivers . I selected it under the Audio section on the Traktor S4 control panel thus doing away with the S4 s own soundcard and drivers . Hey presto it was as solid a a rock with no glitches even under extremities. I have tried it with all of the Windows systems from XP onwards and it has the same effect with all rock solid . I even tried it on my old laptop , same results , fantastic i am extatic. This will more than do until Native Instruments get their driver sorted out.
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    Hey thanks for the post.... I was nearly on my way to buy another laptop!

    My problems are as follows... everything works fine through the s4 on my desktop pc...(XP) just hammered it tonight and no drops / freezes no matter how hard i tried....

    The problem arises with the laptop.. (windows 7) get the audio drops / freezes now and again... I did try it through a numark djio which seemed to solve it but it means i have to put headphones through it and then the master volume doesnt work on the s4 and have a feeling some of the other low mid and hi knobs on the s4are affecting the volume...

    just uninstalled and going to try a re install tomorrow....:confused: and see what happens...

    just interested to know if you can suggest anything with regards the djio...?
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    Thanks for this response man. I was at my whits end and really thinking I was going to have to save up for months to get a macbook pro.
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    intersting will try this out!
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    Hi mate i plug my S4 into my laptop via the obvious USB, but i do not have any other sound cables coming from the S4. I plug my Maya 44 USB sound card in to my laptop load the drivers via plug unplug etc. Then i have two outputs on my Maya 44 that are live, at that point having selected Audio on control panel of S4. I use one of them plugged into my mixer which i use as the audience channel and the other which i use as a prefade so as to hear whats going out before it actually does. The S4 changes into a great thing using this method because whilst the fader on the second channel is down as it should be at all times as it is purely used as prefade only it never is faded up. You can adjust the next track whilst the prefade button on the S4 is depressed and secure a perfect mix re bass, treble mid etc and volume and when you open the cross fade only minor adjustments are needed for an immaculate transition. All features are usable with my method of course the master output on the S4 does not work at this stage because i am using the Maya 44 USB to provide the master volume. Trust me it is the best, you will mince around with others but i have found something that i am playing live with without fail at least 4 gigs now since i found the Final Solution , i do not know about Djio sorry. But if you want your life to be complete spend £90 quid or so on a Maya 44 USB and you'll never look back, works ace with Mixmiester Control also without hitch. Live the dream use Traktor S4 with Maya 44 USB 100% rock solid!
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    your paying £750 for a Unit with a so called top notch soundcard in the S4 and now your telling me to sack that off and buy another soundcard... i wish i'd of kept my Audio 8dj now.....!....

    Are you listening to what people have to do NI....?.... Disgraceful.... We deserve some money back and a statement to say whats happening now to rectify this MASSIVE issue...!
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    how does it make sense that we need another soundcard when the s4 supposedly has a "pristine" soundcard built in? I for one dont have another soundcard, so I dont want to buy one considering I spent enough already.
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    My guess is that there are still firmware and/or driver bugs which NI will fix soon enough. Such bugs are always a risk when buying bleeding-edge digital stuff.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to troll you. Both of you have every right to be upset (if it are indeed bugs and not user errors). But it happens all the time with virtually everything that includes control logic. E.g., when the VCI-100 was first released (with 1.1 firmware), it was a seriously buggy product. It's not that NI is the one and only to see issues happening. There's not much you can do but complain and demand a quick fix...
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    .... just don't hold your breath ... many people had identical issues with NIs AK1 ... even years after it's initial release, no firmware 'fixes' ... no acknowledgement of an existing problem ... they simply blame the computer it's set up on ....

    If they know how to fix it, why release a 'flagship' product with the same obvious MASSIVE bugs? This would have been impossible to miss in beta testing ... yet they released it regardless!
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    So your telling me this thing might never work without a mac....?
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    This "thing" work without a Mac... Mac have nothing special.
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    A few weeks ago someone tried this with an Audio8
    No dropouts anymore. CPU load was much lower.

    Maybe you could a simple video of this and put it on youtube to wake them up.

    NI tech support have to do a very simple thing: let us know that they know of this problem and that the problem is over when you use an other soundcard.
    And let us know they are working on it !
    This is a USB soundcard driver problem, that is all


    oh.. on my desktop pc it is working ok
    on my laptop ok with high latency settings and 44kh
    With low latency and 48khz big CPU load and drop outs

    I used it on some gigs and it worked perfect !
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    Bummer, same thing here, just bought the S4 this afternoon, crackling and freezes all over the place. Was already looking for a new laptop, found this post, and tried to install some drivers. Looks like installing the "Audio 8 DJ Driver 2.9.4 Setup PC" drivers improves performance a lot, cpu is much lower. Can't use the driver for audio, but it probably replaces some files. But after about 15 minutes cpu is rising again, even if there's nothing playing. NI: solve this ASAP!
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    to use a maya44 with an s4 should be a crime
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    Correct. The dropout problem is the NI sound card built into the Kontrol (or the driver for it). If I use any other sound card (Gigaport, ASIO4ALL with laptop sound card, etc) I have absolutely no problems. I don't need to turn on high performance mode, I don't need to disable network interfaces, I don't have to do any of the grocery list of tweaks that NI recommends.

    Unfortunately there's no way to alter the preview volume with the software, so that needs to be done externally.
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    Other than u not being able to control the volume normally the quality of ur sound prob sucks compared to the s4's sound caard
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    Same here. Works beautifully with my Roland Edirol FA-101 & gives me better latency & reliability. This was kind of a big reason as to why I bought the S4... to have one less thing to set up. This is absolutely unbelievable... seriously, how CAN you miss a glitch like this? Btw, I can instantly reproduce it by adjusting my laptop's brightness - glitch & pop galore.
    i'd take a "sucky" consistent sound over unpredictable sound any day. nothing worse than hearing a pop through a massive PA system mid-set at a gig.
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    I agree with the general trend here.... its an s4 driver / souncard works fine with my numark djio (audio device) except for master volume. No amendments needed with power settings etc... I got a response from NI giving me the general advice to make all the alrerady mentioned settings changes but as a final bit of advice i quote.....

    4.) Attached you can find instructions on how to use the tool LatencyMon to
    identify problematic device drivers on your system that you can then disable in
    Device Manager as described above. You can also send me a screenshot of the
    drivers list sorted by Highest Execution Time with the highest values on top to
    get further assistance.

    Basically download latencymon which is a program you can run when the s4 is playing with the snap crackle and pops and it will tell you which system drivers are cuasing the pops etc... it then advises you to disable these drivers......(if they are not too important to the running of the machine!) when i ran it it identified the ACPI driver for NT as one that may be causing the problem/s

    I dare not disable this driver as my knowledge is limnited in this area and do not want to destroy my laptop but if anyone has any ideas?

    I appreciate this is not the way forward and NI should issue some fixes / firmware updates ASAP to prevent others of the same frustrations.

    The other thing i am going to try is to try and run the s4 with the laptop set to xp mode.... (on win 7) as my desktop which is XP runs it no problem. I just need to work out how to put my laptop in xp mode!

    In the meantime its aN ADDITIONAL SOUNDCARD FOR ME - DJIO....

    The winter nights are flying by............ cheers NI
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    I use a Dell D630 laptop with WinXPsp3 and have fairly high CPU load at >96 samples. I tried your recommendation with a Roland/Edirol UA-1EX (1 stereo output with ASIO) and have the SAME CPU load. It seems that the S4 sound drivers aren't that bad. Unfortunately, I don't have another ASIO interface to do a comparison against.

    FWIW, I also discovered that if I remove my battery, I get (much) smoother CPU performance - meaning no spikes every 30-40 seconds.

    I'm sticking with the S4 outputs.

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    I contacted NI two days ago and they were less than helpful. It is not my fault their driver sucks! All I wanted to hear was that they know there is a problem and that they are on top of fixing it, instead I felt like the guy thought it was my problem. Well guess what, a crappy numark omni soundcard runs fine with Traktor S4, no drops, click, or any of the glitch. Take responsibility NI and fix this!:angry: