First release of D2/S8 mods

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  1. Cristian Argotti

    Cristian Argotti New Member


    hey sorry to bother you, but aint working in my s8 in traktor 3.1 for Mac, the s8 never star after apply the patch. can you help me please.

    It looks amazing I can wait to use it, it gave me all the info I need to let the laptop behind.

    thank you.
  2. Nick Moon

    Nick Moon NI Product Owner

    Hi I've not released a version compatible with TP3 onwards yet. I may just give up on completing the the user guide (all the screen grabs I'd done are now out of date) and chuck it out there over next few days. Just tweaking the waveform downbeat marker work that Aleix Jiménez and I worked on.
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  3. JuanT

    JuanT New Member

    Hey Nick! Don't carry the world upon your shoulders! (lol)
    Share the load with the community, and we'll help you out with that user guide, the testing, and spreading the word about your super-duper-awesome mod! ;)
    You're not almost there... you are there! Release the beast! :D
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  4. Moreno484

    Moreno484 New Member

    Any idea when you are going to release it? It looks awesome
  5. Michael Niotakis

    Michael Niotakis NI Product Owner

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  6. Bogdan Ionut Dobrescu

    Bogdan Ionut Dobrescu New Member

    Can you develop a patch for Traktor Pro 3.4 in order to add Smart crates and Matching tracks ? In order to understand how it works Matching tracks please see thin feature in Rekordbox.
    This feature is already implemented in Rekordbox and more professional DJ have to use it with Pioneer CDJ’s.
    BPM on decks must be in white color (not in grey) and also increase the font character for easy to read
    I can pay for this software development for sure. Thanks
  7. Aleix Jiménez

    Aleix Jiménez NI Product Owner

    Hey Bogdan Ionut Dobrescu , not sure if I can soeak in Nick’s name, but I think that the only chance we have of having smart Playlists is if the Traktor developer’s team actually implement them on Traktor. To explain it in a simple way, we can’t “add” finctionalities to the file, but what we do is to mod the files that are used by this program to communicate with the controllers...

    about your second request, be sure to check my Supreme Edition Mod, there’s already an option to easily visualize matching tracks (BPM & Key) while browsing from your screen controller (S5/S8/D2/S4 MK3)

    i hope that you find this answer useful, despite not being the one you are looking for.. :):thumbsup:
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