Flexible beatgrids

Discussion in 'Feature Request' started by SpirosG, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. SpirosG

    SpirosG NI Product Owner

    I think it's time for Traktor to implement this really useful feature.

    Also some features i would really like to see at some point:

    Key shifting and syncing (Similar to Serato Pitch N Time and Rekordox) [Important]
    Current Tempo range value under Pitch fader
    Camelot Key Support
    Echo Out Effect (I know about the freeze effect)
    Smart Crates
    Improved Library tree management

    Sort by MIDI Commands
    Sort by more than one column
    Easiest way to set Cue points/Flags (Not Hotcues)
    Colored Cue Points
    Different Cue Banks (For Loop Cues for example)
    Something Similar to Serato's Flip
    Sample Banks for each Deck
    Track Start at the first Beatgrid
    Song Suggestions (Not That important!)
    Beter UI (Darker, Modern)
    Parallel Soundwave (Not That important!)
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  2. Bert Patroons

    Bert Patroons NI Product Owner

  3. SanderSantema

    SanderSantema NI Product Owner

    "Song Suggestions (Not That important!)"
    I wouldn't like it if the traktor dev team would spent much time on this. This could be easily solved with better search, metadata and more practicing with song selection (not to say that one of the two is better).

    The other points are spot on. For example turning the current UI into retina shouldn't be a lot of work if they'd put some graphical designers onto it.
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  4. ekwipt

    ekwipt NI Product Owner

    Plus 1

    DJ ACTION VASQUEZ NI Product Owner

    +1 for parallel waveforms. and in fact, have more layouts (at least 10)
  6. mastermc

    mastermc NI Product Owner

    all things that n.I. don't want but we have asked for too many times .
  7. Demus

    Demus NI Product Owner

    Is this the same as Zplane Elastique Pitch? because Deckadance use it and it is one of my favorite feature of the Deckadance DJ software if Traktor DJ get this....That would be my #1 request for traktor....1,000,000 :thumbsup:
    2.Camelot Key Support
    3.Sample Banks for each Deck
    4.Song Suggestions but more like how Flow DJ does it or like Beatunes
  8. Cedric M

    Cedric M New Member

    Agree, Flexible beat grids is a feature that we really need, Rekordbox have it since it was music management software only, it was known as 'Dynamic track Analysis' and would change the track bpm and beat grid if it changed (this can also be done manually), why can't NI do it too?

    Echo out effect would be a plus since the Freeze-Delay feature works only when the FX section is set to Single effect. It would be far easier for us to have it in groups, so that we can use more effects and be more creative in the mix

    Tempo range value, This one is shown on the player when using HID control, if you are using a DVS too. For controller users just add 'Pitchfader Range' in the track information shown and there you have it. i have been using this for a year and it sure helps, i removed track titles since it's not that important to me once a track is loaded. But if they introduce it, this can free some space if placed somewhere near the the Pitch fader

    Colored Cues are already here they work as Load(yellow), Hot cue(blue), Loop(green), Fade-in and Fade Out (orange). But it would be better if we could assign our own color coding for each one of them, specially the hot cue so that we don't have to look at the screen to know which number corresponds to which part of the track since hot cues are just Blue in color. The thing is that several NI hardware already have RGB pads or buttons (Kontrol X1 Mk2, Machine)

    Another thing is the UI. Having the waveform on two side is okay but sometimes having to use the phase meter to mix when the BPM is wrong and there are no headphones around is quite hard. In Serato or Rekordbox i can actually mix without the headphones, even if the BPM is wrong, i can just have a look at the waveform side to side and then conclude if i should speed up the track or slow it down. i think that NI could at least give us the possibility to change the waveform position too, with options like "Classic - usual Traktor UI, Vertical, Horizontal"
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  9. dj_estrela

    dj_estrela NI Product Owner

    +1 for Flexible beatgrids
  10. reddread23

    reddread23 New Member

    + for flexible beatgrids
  11. Rick Dangerous

    Rick Dangerous NI Product Owner

    +1 for elastic beatgrids
  12. tricade

    tricade NI Product Owner

    this has been asked million times.... but i give a +1 as well ;)

    hope dies last !!!!