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Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by Hebreww, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. Hebreww

    Hebreww NI Product Owner

    rather then a copy of our previous sampler editor isn’t it time for flextime?
    Proper audio editing is still missing shouldn’t it be our concern right by now?
    I would like to drag my audio but i’m Stuck with this editor that doesn’t fit the workflow..
    Oke at least we have something to edit with but let’s raise the bar please.

    I like to make a full song in maschine, only maschine.
  2. D-One

    D-One Moderator Moderator

    I would say no, simply because Maschine doesn't have the tools necessary for that to work practically.
    I'm not a Logic user but as I understand it Flextime is the same thing as Warp Markers for stretching in Ableton Live, imagine having this feature without being able to have your audio span across multiple Scenes, even worst not being able to place it linearly wherever you want across your song... IMO such a feature requires a Song Mode or some alternative to it.

    I would love the ability to stretch slices in Maschine, I would be fine with a stretch % knob in the default Built-In Sampler (like Serato Sample), that would suffice and fit the way Maschine currently works.

    Whats "Proper audio editing" ? DAW audio editing tools designed to be used with a mouse?

    Expecting Maschine to change to adapt to your personal workflow instead of the opposite is a lost battle, that's not gonna happen, been there...
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  3. Hebreww

    Hebreww NI Product Owner

    Thank u for your reply, don’t get me wrong i’m All about the maschine way.
    Think i’m Talking about een song mode rather than flextime.

  4. Hebreww

    Hebreww NI Product Owner

    This would be a great feature!!
    Do you know if song mode or a alternative will hit the stage this year?
  5. D-One

    D-One Moderator Moderator

    No problem.
    It's definitively not happening this year, unfortunately.
    Keep in mind that improvements in this area have been promised 2 years ago, soon to be 3, this has been heavily discussed here... don't hold your breath. :(
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  6. Uwe303

    Uwe303 NI Product Owner

    Yeah as much as I love my maschine but there was not much progress in software for long time.
  7. Supercreative

    Supercreative NI Product Owner

  8. hi-d-ho-man

    hi-d-ho-man NI Product Owner

    I’m sure we won’t see anything like that til v3.x