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Following a Dj who is playing cds

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR PRO / TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO' started by Wally-G, Mar 13, 2011.

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  1. Wally-G

    Wally-G Forum Member

    Hi I just wondered if your following s Dj who uses cdjs and your following him using your audio8 and time code do you all quickly plug one of the multi core cables in the the cdj not playing and quickly get a track playing then do the same with the other deck or do you set up using the play through on tracktor
  2. Mark34

    Mark34 NI Product Owner

    I do what you sugest first however the second option is good if you are there all night which wont wont for me as i will be off elsewhere
  3. djivobutnot

    djivobutnot NI Product Owner

    You can do it in both ways. I prefer multicores, because they are not dependent from the software/hardware - the signal just passes on, and you can plug them BEFORE you actually start your computer.
  4. Dj-Goody

    Dj-Goody NI Product Owner

    There is an other way. If you have good equipment, you can connect the CD-players via digital connection and so the analog outputs of the CDJ and the analog inputs of the mixer are kept free for your Audio 8 DJ. ;)

    Now you can simply switch between you and the CD-DJ using the signal selector at the mixer.
  5. Marc_Tf

    Marc_Tf NI Product Owner

    Always bring your intro on a CD so you have time to switch if needed.

    Second tip: burn a few normal tracks on yuor timecode cd's (no gaps)

    If the sh*t hits the fan, you have a track ready within seconds.

    As stated before, if something goes wrong, duck or point to the other dj.
  6. Wally-G

    Wally-G Forum Member

    I have a djm800 and pioneer mk31000 how can I do this ,everytime I just connect my multicore cables I can channel one working ok when I switch between phono/line in but when I try this with any of the other channels I just get a high pitch sound and on the verge of blowing the speakers
    Obviously I'm not connected to the lap top when trying this,I've been trying to get this sorted for ages
  7. dahJah

    dahJah NI Product Owner

    :lol: :lol: :lol: , that was a good one :lol:
  8. DJ Freshfluke

    DJ Freshfluke Traktor Mod Moderator

    lol, true dat!
  9. Real_Blackroom

    Real_Blackroom Forum Member

  10. DJJackB

    DJJackB New Member

    Hi - could someone explain the multi-core leads idea.

    I have a gig next week where I'm following a DJ who plays CDs. I'm at the event from the start so can plug into two line channels that are not being used and have my own rca leads connected to audio 8 leads ready to quickly swap over on the actual CDJs.

    Any thoughts?
    please ignor my question on multi core - i now know what they are.
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