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For a newb... Ableton Live 9 or Logic Pro X?

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by johnnydinla, Nov 6, 2013.

  1. johnnydinla

    johnnydinla Member

    I know this is going to get me answers such as, "whatever feels best for you," but I stopped working with software a while ago when it started taking up far more of my time than actually playing music.

    Now I am back with Maschine MK2, the new software 2.0 and also Logic Pro X and Ableton Live 9. I love Maschine because I can get ideas down quickly without all the futzing with software. But now I want to get that stuff into a DAW so I can build up my songs more.

    Considering I am learning both the new 2.0 software and both DAW software, which combination provides me with the easiest learning curve and will also put the music more in the driver seat as opposed to futzing around with the software??

    Where do I go to find learning materials and videos to learn how to work with Maschine and a DAW?

    Appreciate your opinions and responses.
  2. ukjason

    ukjason NI Product Owner

    I would also like some input on this topic seeming as I'm a noob too
  3. FredB7

    FredB7 NI Product Owner

    These are two different beasts.
    So different it's impossible to say which is the best.
    I'm used to traditional, linear DAW, so Live is totally alien to me and I have no need to spend time wrapping my head around it.
    So I'd say Logic without hesitation, but others will probably say the opposite.
    The price of Logic is hard to beat too.

    In fact I use Logic for composing and Pro Tools for recording/editing/mixing.
    And even if a tried to use only one, I can't compose in PT and can't record/edit in Logic.
  4. SmoovJazzy55

    SmoovJazzy55 Forum Member

    I have both, and if I had to choose I would go with Logic X, but that is because I have a Maschine Studio.
  5. robertginkgo

    robertginkgo Forum Member

    I have Ableton 9 and Maschine, and have never spent much time with Logic. That said, I do frequently find myself banging my head against a wall, because Maschine and Live have lots of areas of overlap which do not necessarily complement one another.

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that if you're just starting out, either Logic and Maschine or Ableton and Push would be the way to go. Learn to embrace the limitations of each system and make that work for you. Personally, right now, I often have to ask myself whether I'm in an Ableton mood or a Maschine mood, then go with that for a while. Plus, as others have pointed out, Logic is dirt cheap.
  6. Mystic38

    Mystic38 NI Product Owner

    This is a relatively simple question to answer imo..

    if you have any interest in using your DAW to play live then its Ableton Live hands down no questions asked. If you do not have any interest in using your DAW in a live/jamming way, and simply wish the better studio DAW, the answer is Logic for mac.
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  7. puzzlefactory

    puzzlefactory NI Product Owner

    I would go for Logic. Simply because it is ridiculously cheap and will allow you to pretty much complete any audio production task you require. Saying that though, Live does integrate Maschine better (1.8 that is, 2.0 is buggy as hell), but it is a lot more expensive.
  8. SeanyMac

    SeanyMac Member

    Ive been a Logic user since Logic 7, I now use 9 and X......my friend have me Ableton Suite 8 not too long ago and I recently uninstalled and deleted all the Ableton files because they were hogging up so much space of my harddrive and I needed to install Maschine Expansions ect. There are pros and cons to each but heres my 2 cents.....


    Arrangement is unmatched, ive heard people say its Garageband on steroids......very easy to understand and comprehensive, extremely linear and intuitive.

    MIDI capabilities are top notch

    Plugins are superior, numerous effect plugins as well (Arpeggiator, Harmonizer, Filters)

    VSTs and AU's are easily populated

    Sound Engine is ok, not the best IMO

    Navigation is easy, its easy to guess how to accomplish a task in Logic

    Audio capabilities are state of the art (bounce to sampler tracks, flextiming)


    A DJ's dream DAW....the LIVE element to making music is unmatched.

    5 Main plugins are meant to be simple yet are complicated to utilize

    Automation is where Ableton shines, being a DJ program at heart

    sidechaining capabilities are easier

    The "Out of the Box" sounds are great, very glossy and crisp

    Arrangement is a 2 headed monster, for looping on the go its easy, for linear arrangement not so much

    MIDI isn't as comprehensive, Quantization is awkward

    The most exciting part of Ableton is the vast array of MIDI controllers that were built to cater to Ableton users.

    I think about switching to Ableton from Logic almost every week, Ableton seems so intuitive and you can really nail that EDM sound with its propreitary plugins.

    The only thing stopping me is that I know my way around Logic VERY well. I can bang out beats start to finish and add any effect or automation I want instantly.

    At the end of the day I stick with Logic because there is really no point in regressing to learn another DAW. Trust me I started with FLStudio and never should have left, I switched to Logic and took about 2 years off of my game.

    SIDENOTE: I like Logic 9 better than Logic X at the moment, the fact that there is no 32bit plugin bridge is bullsh*t, Everyone uses Sylenth and old plugins, no one wants to use a third party bridge, they want their old project files to open seemlessly without having to bounce old tracks to audio. X has better features but I hate the layout and theme, they didn't need to totally revamp the program
  9. SmoovJazzy55

    SmoovJazzy55 Forum Member

    Off topic question regarding Logic 9. I recently purchased Logic X and I want to gift my Logic 9 from my Apple account to a friend, is that possible?
  10. johnnydinla

    johnnydinla Member

    Thanks for all the awesome replies. After reviewing I would say I'm a bit of an old dog and not planning on doing any live performance. I just want to get my music down, and tend to think very linear in my song writing, so Logic it is.

    I'm finding a lot of content on Youtube for learning. If there any other great places to go for Tuts of Maschine with Logic, please post up a link if you don't mind. Thanks again!
  11. robbieds

    robbieds NI Product Owner

    If you want good sounds, get logic, if you want to DJ and dont have traktor or serato, get Ableton.
  12. Bertotti

    Bertotti NI Product Owner

    I would like to upgrade to logic X if only for the stacks ability it now has.