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For Cubase headz- Cubase 8 Pro - Chord Pads done right.

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by Rock777, Dec 3, 2014.

  1. Rock777

    Rock777 New Member

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  2. Spazoo

    Spazoo NI Product Owner

    very nice!
  3. Mr36

    Mr36 NI Product Owner

    Well, if it wasn't apparent before, it is now... NI took at least a year to introduce a chord feature to Maschine that is (was) already way behind.

    Upon Maschine's inception, maybe they thought the "innovation" of a software/hardware combo was enough and they wouldn't have to bother again until they discontinue it.
  4. skinsfandc

    skinsfandc Forum Member

    Sounds like you don't like the update. No need to waste your hard earned cash on maschine if it makes you that unhappy. I didn't like Sampletankk. Had it and then sold it. Maybe do the same and seek other options.
  5. skinsfandc

    skinsfandc Forum Member

    Man presonus better hurry up lol. Is it me or do they not know what to do with Studio One?

    ALDREAD NI Product Owner

    Nice ,wish I hadn't sold cubase earlier this year, may have to reinvest ,do you think that feature makes it into the lighter version .
  7. Spazoo

    Spazoo NI Product Owner

    imo stuff like this is done better with a mouse and computer screen. i think NI trying to do everything on the controller is holding them back. because the cubase implementation is not technically difficult to do. but it is very well thought out.
  8. Mr36

    Mr36 NI Product Owner

    I'm not wasting any cash, hard-earned or otherwise. And it's not that I don't like Maschine. Far from it. I wouldn't procrastinate from work so much on these forums if I didn't love Maschine. But it's that passion for it (and perhaps the gin last night) that also leads to frustration sometimes. Just because it could be so much more, even with relatively minor tweaks and improvements. However, I am happy and have been happy overall with Maschine ever since starting with version 1.5.
  9. Bertotti

    Bertotti NI Product Owner

    I agree with Spazoo this time. Some hints are better on the computer but having midi or sysex available is important, let the user control it anyway they want using sysex or midi with whatever controler they want.
  10. Mystic38

    Mystic38 NI Product Owner

    I have Sonar x3 (and had Sonar for ~5years) and trialed Studio One when i was checking out VST3 implementations..and while i thought it was nice, it missed a lot of depth and detail that i take for granted, but its still an early product that needs a lot of polish to get close to Cubase and Sonar.
    Chords are a nice feature for Cubase, but tbh, its only a MIDI VST away for any DAW..

  11. mezzurias

    mezzurias NI Product Owner

    I think the problem is that Presonus' main business is selling audio recording hardware so composition features seem to take a back seat to recording features. I'm hoping that will change in version 3.
  12. UltimateOutsider

    UltimateOutsider NI Product Owner

    Funny thing is, there are a bunch of guys on Gearsl*tz right now gloating that Steinberg is simply stealing all the good ideas from Studio One. :)

    I am a long-time Cubase user, and a lot of the changes in this new version are really thoughtful workflow improvements. I think Steinberg's doin' all right.

    Also, guys, will you please stop changing your avatars? Now I have to remember that Spazoo is "the S guy" instead of "the Yar's Revenge guy." It's hard to keep track!
  13. Ghost_On_Da_Maschine

    Ghost_On_Da_Maschine NI Product Owner

    Well software developers on a whole tend to put too much effort into trying to reinvent the wheel or make things complicated when they don't require it.
  14. Spazoo

    Spazoo NI Product Owner

    sorry about that. i'm trying to change my image. i've been disappointed with NI and maschine since 2.0 and as a result i've done way too much complaining over the past year. so now i am going to try to stay positive and focus on my music.
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  15. ntula

    ntula NI Product Owner

    was not studio one first developed and written for presonus by steinberg...
  16. skinsfandc

    skinsfandc Forum Member

    Huh? Presonus CTO use to work for Steinberg, as well as two other guys. They left and went to Presonus. Elke (use to work for Steinberg) left Presonus and I think works for NI now. Also, Wolfgang Kungras left presonus also.
  17. ntula

    ntula NI Product Owner

    i've always considered studio one a rebranding of cubase and a "steinberg" product created specifically for presonus hardware... who knows what is really going on behind doors at presonus and steinberg/yamaha... and it is blatantly obvious that a lot of cubase came to presonus from the persons you name... guess they did not read their NDAs if if was not a clandestine collaboration, though i do remember that on the presonus page when studio one first came out many years back it stated it was produced for them by steinberg - perhaps i read that in an alternate reality.

    back to the topic... i like the way they threw in a bit of theory with the chords in cubase 8
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  18. Mr Mahogany

    Mr Mahogany NI Product Owner

    Cubase chord pad and chord track before it are amazing features. Just dont understand why everything has to be used to attack Maschine. Cubase has been a daw for 30 years ..Maschine is 5 years old. I've had Maschine since 2009, never thought to wail on it everytime I hear about updates to other products.
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  19. ntula

    ntula NI Product Owner

    cubase 8 is great and an excellent host for maschine .... for mixed electronic(midi)/acoustic(mic'ed) studio work, i would go as far to say it is the best host for maschine and the way to go if you want to get the most out of it. since version 7 it has been easy to use on a lap top while still providing exceptional multi-moitor use.
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  20. Rock777

    Rock777 New Member

    Warning: Post of the year candidate Ahead:

    Yeah I wanted to make an impact with the title because I feel the guy heading up Maschine seems a little aloof to me. Maschine is great, I'm still on my MK1 and just bought cloud nine. Best in the business type sounds for sure imo. I will also shamelessly plug themaschinewarehouse.com, I am a proud customer.

    I just don't think there is a reason for the lack of communication between the community and NI. If you've been to kvraudio.com, there are a lot of developers that have great relationships with their user base, where they (the developers) have an actual two-way conversation about the direction of the product. In the beginning NI had a strong presence here but has since shut us out. Yeah and we've heard it before that the devs read the forum post often blah blah blah. And I don't want to be a beta tester for features that are already etched in stone.

    Some developers when introducing a new feature will say to their users, "hay, we want to add a feature (Chord sets) what do you think are some ways we can make this as best as possible?" Then we can say, "Cool, chord sets,

    lets make them customizable and be able to import them and export them.

    And please give us a place on the form where we can exchange them.

    Lets have built in customizable inversions per pad and voice leading built in.

    Oh and lets have the option to have up and down strumming per pad as well.

    The Studio and 2.0 can't really be touched. Akai has "borrowed" sounds from Prime loops and ish and calling them Akai expansions. The drum synth in Maschine alone can't be touched and Rhythm Wolf is a laughing stock. But at least the Devs will visit the forum (not even an Akai official forum) but they check in there because that's where the community is. Dudes from akai be bussin on Maschine saying it makes them think of Christmas lights. That still makes me chuckle. :) NI is acting like they have to have all this secrecy because someone is going to steal features, that is BS! Push, which I own, was the first to get this whole built in scales thing started, I think. But I only bought it when I learned Ableton opened the scripting to 3rd parties allowing Push to be a universal controller. Shout out to all my PXT users out there. NI did the exact opposite. They really gonna force us to buy their over priced controllers instead of allowing us to use the scales and chords with the controllers some of us already have.

    And how long are we going to have to cry out for a Song Mode!!! Mode Mode Mode Mode (echos). Thank god those people here have stopped saying the word bloated every time someone proposed a feature. I think I heard that word here more then in them ladies commercials. No disrespect to the ladies of coarse. :D

    Look NI come back down to earth, maybe if I get famous I can get in one of those cool vidz. I'm a straight jack that ish and tell you how I really feel.

    This is Me, roc7, the first day I learned of Maschine's Imminent existence. roc7, Jan 17, 2009
    "First, I believe this is innovation because I don't know of any software sampler that can

    really sample audio from an external source. That the software is actually bundled with a

    dedicated hardware controller knocks out two major birds with one stone.


    From the videos the slicer is a step down even from the one in kontakt. He said you can do it

    in 2 ways, 16th note split or have it slice using transients, however when the slice was

    performed using the transients the resulting material had all kinds of pops and clicks in the

    start /end points as the pads were played and i believe that was a loop from the Maschine

    library. Thats totally no good. It should at least have 8th, 16th and 32nd note slicing. Along

    with a slider to adjust manual slicing, as well as a way to enter the slicer and simply add slice

    points where you want them. Also auto detect of zero crossing for looping. Crossfade

    looping as well. Now for the important part! How much of the Maschine library is original

    material not featured in any other NI product. I have komplete 5 and kore 2 and I feel if it does

    share content, then the more NI instruments you own should get you a better and better


    Quick questions for ew.

    Whats the sample resolution 16 bit, 24bit?

    If I sample from vinyl and save as a maschine sound will it then stream from hard disk rather

    than taking up ram?

    Does it have filters?, I mean amazing ones related to hip hop and dance music like bass

    enhancers or mangler type filters that would dirty up our 24bit samples from commercial

    venders? Also filters for cleaning up audio sampled from vinyl?

    And Lastly,

    Does it have realtime quantization per midi channel with separate quantization strength and

    swing ei, strength 16th 70% and swing 50% like the mv 8000, 8800 and mpc? Also groove

    quantiztion where the groove of material can by applied across various tracks?
    roc7, Jan 17, 2009 "

    Also roc7, Jan 17, 2009
    "Yeah, its looking good as something that could forge a new path cause I can't think of

    anyone else who could pull this off.

    I mean every daw now has some type of drum machine type thing but none of them sample.

    I do wish the gui for the software was a little more elegant. Im not feeling the orange/ rust

    coloration but thats just me. And thinking about how even the mpc 1000 cost about $999 at

    most venders the price sorta starts to make a little sense.

    What we need is battery integration that seamlessly works in conjunction with Maschine, like

    every time we hit a pad bank, battery follows so we can play every sound within a kit. It

    would have to follow chromatically though.
    roc7, Jan 17, 2009"

    roc7, Jan 17, 2009
    "Please listen NI,
    I have the a lot of respect for you guys. But if you are going to do something please do it


    Looking at the sequencer portion of Maschine's gui, having each sound be the some color is

    going to be a drawback. I know the sound names are on the left hand side but that doesn't

    help much. Please give each sound/track in the sequencer its own color.

    And, if you really want to get funky with it, please give us velocity color variation on each

    track as well.

    I don't think you will get a second chance at this, your either going to nail this like an

    Olympic gymnastic stick for the gold or play the holy sh$t out of yourselves and none of us

    want that. I could go on and on about how successful I want this to be but I'll stop here.
    roc7, Jan 17, 2009"

    Now I'm not gonna take credit for NI's implimentation of color in Traktor and Maschine but I was the first to mention it on this forum! Shout out to all the day ones!! Word!!!
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