ForceSampling is back for a limited time! Cinematic & Ambient Kontakt libraries for (10$-25$)

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    About 3 years ago I closed down my sample library project called ForceSampling. Due to a few people emailing me about the old libraries and a bit of nostalgia I'm considering a relaunch of the site with brand new products. To check interest and possibly help finance the production of new libraries I'm selling 4 of the most popular products at a heavy discount.

    Post-Guitars (25$)

    Post-Guitars is a collection of lush, warm and ambient guitar samples inspired by classic post-rock and ambient bands. The library provides fully playable guitars processed with a variety of guitar pedals and outboard effects.

    feedback-scapes (10$)

    My personal favourite! feedback_scapes is a collection of soundscapes and pads made by driving an analog synth through a self-oscillating digital delay and a vintage flanger. This created an unpredictable sound, full of both subtle and not so subtle harmonics and overtones.

    Bass Drones (20$)

    Bass Drones is a collection of deep and droning basses inspired by ambient, noise and drone music. Created from a variety of different sound sources, the patches covers everything from huge walls of impenetreble sound to distant and ambient rumblings. Make sure you have your subwoofer turned on!

    vocal-scapes (10$)

    vocal-scapes is a collection of soundscapes and pads created from raw recordings of the human voice. The sounds were created by sampling different vowels using an old-school sampler from the early 90s and driving it trough a variety of effects including tape echo, tube distortion, vintage digital reverb and many more effects. This resulted in lush swells, other-worldly keys and droning basses.

    Feel free to ask any questions you might have. You can find more information and specs about the products on the SITE.

    All orders are payed with Paypal and the download links will be sent to you automatically.

    Here are some Youtube demos, there's more on the SITE :