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FREEZE MODE mapping for S2/MK3 *custom*

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by toekneehaze, Jan 22, 2019.

  1. toekneehaze

    toekneehaze New Member

    Hey guys I made small tsi file for custom mapping the new S2 MK3 to use FREEZE mode whenever the SAMPLES button is engaged, instead of using it for remix decks.
    It overrides the remix functions to freeze mode and functions.

    This is what it also does:
    Makes all 8 pads as 8 pads for freeze mode triggers
    I have set it for 8 length slice. you can change this, but I found that 8 length is ideal for most situations
    Simply hitting HOTCUES button exists freeze mode...

    tip: you can loop any bar length you want and freeze mode works inside that loop you created in hotcues mode - so for example it will cut up a 2 bar loop into 8 slices, an 8 bar loops into 8 slices. any loop into 8 slices..... etc etc

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