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    Hi Guys / Girls,

    I have seen / used a map before that when you held shift and rotated one of the fx knobs it went through the list of fx for you to pick rather than having to hold shift and pressing the fx button. I really like this but having since removed it i cant find it again so the mapping of this really interests me so please help me create this. Not only that but as there is a lot of fx on board traktor so i thought it would be really nice if you could group fx together for each knob i.e.

    on fx knob 1 you only had delays and repeat
    fx knob 2 you could group reverbs
    fx knob 3 you could group filters / phasers

    etc etc

    then when you have to select an fx it will be easy to find and can have way more fun!

    Thoughts and help would be very much appreciated. I would love to be able to map this if possible! :)
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    To use the method you describe of holding down SHIFT you need to create a modifier that you will then use on the actual FX Knob mapping.

    I already have an M1=1 modifier set when I press my left SHIFT button on my S4, which you can see as the first highlighted entry in the first attachment.

    Then you simply create a new mapping

    1. Press the Add In button and select: FX Unit -> Effect 1 Selector
    2. Press the learn button and turn the FX 1 knob on the left FX Unit 1 on the S4
    3. Add the modifier condition M1 Value = 1 to the mapping.

    You will notice that by default this is set in the Assignment to FX Unit 1. Repeat the steps to map the 2nd and 3rd buttons (all for the left FX Unit 1) then repeat the entire process, but select FX Unit 2 in the assignment.

    Now simply hold shift and turn the FX Knob to scroll through the FX list. I am using Traktor 2.6.0, and can't see any method to control the type of FX being selected, so I don't think that part you asked for is possible.

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    Thanks the scrolling working . Now we just nee NA to sort the grouping! :)