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    Hello everybody.
    Brand new to the digital music world (i'm an old-fashioned guy and used to speakers, valves and dials!). I 've just got a Behringer UCG102 and NI AC Box combo. The tone is excellent; didn't know a digital modeller could sound so good. Got a problem with recording the guitar tone. When I record through Audacity or Reaper, I hear the AC Box tone in my phones, but when I play back my project, I hear the 'dry' guitar sound not the amp tone; it 's recording straight from the link, not the amp. Can anybody help with what settings I might need with this setup to record the AC Box combo tone? Thanks everybody.
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    Using Reaper, try this:

    (1) Right-click on the record-arm/disarm-button of the track and select "Record: Output" to record the processed signal.
    (2) Or route the output from the track (with AC Box combo) to a second track and record the processed signal there. This way you can record the dry and processed audio at the same time (using two tracks).
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