Hacking Reaktor 5 ensembles to work in R6 - pitch problems

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    I'm trying to revive some old Reaktor 5-and-before sample-based ensembles, which all (recently, last six months?) seem to play back any imported audio files 4-5 octaves higher than the MIDI input when loaded into Reaktor 6. These include martin brinkmann's "ParticleSynth" ; Poul Vestergaard's "XDrum3" and Stephan Becker's "Reddrum", and many many more. They play the demo audio files properly, the problem is with imported audio.

    So to show you how bad I am at making ensembles, here are my unsuccessful hacking attempts :
    First pic 'R5" shows particlesynth in Reaktor 5
    So in Reaktor 6 I first of all tried replacing the "note pitch" component with a 'pitch to mod" component, and wired it to the same places .
    This resulted in it playing the audio about 6 semitones too high rather 4-5 octaves (better!) but the same pitch no matter what MIDI key is played (boo!) As seen below :

    Finally, I tried a "pitch and gate" component , wiring the 'P" output to the places that the R5 "Note pitch" component had gone to, and the "G" output to the places that the "Gate" component had gone to, see next pic :

    This just resulted in it acting like the original ensemble when loaded into R6, i.e. 4-5 octaves too high.

    Any help or suggestions for my hopeless Frankenstein efforts would be much much appreciated, thanks!

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    Thanks for getting back to me Paule.

    Yes, I had tried Stefan's 2012 version of Particlesynth before, and now the version you sent me (which was actually the original) - and both have the same problem.
    I'm running both Reaktor 5 and Reaktor 6 in a session, importing the same pitched sample, and from a MIDI keyboard the R6 version plays it back 5 octaves too high.

    I stress that this related to *imported" samples in pre-R6 sample-based ensembles; it plays back the *demo* audio files with no problem.
    So, still looking for a solution, but thanks for your idea!

    While an instrument like Particle Synth can of course be played 5 octaves down (though it's a hassle!), this R5-R6 conversion problem for sample-based ensembles is a particular shame in relation to ensembles that have a variety of one-per-key sample slots - for example, ensembles like RedDrum and Xdrum below.
    i.e. You can use the demo 909 in Reddrum, and the many drum machine collections available in Xdrum - but you can't replace the audio files with your own files, which (for me at least!) was the beauty of these machines.

    Anyway still open to and grateful for any advice on fixing this!



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    I'm away from my computer at the moment, but this really sounds to me like you just need to double check the base pitch in the sample editor. Betcha it's set to zero or something.
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    Thanks for your reply, Big Gnome.
    Yes, I've been looking at it with a friend and that is indeed the problem :
    Many R5-created sample-based ensembles default to Root 0 (rather than 60) in R6 when new audio files are imported.

    * This did not happen to these ensembles when R6 was released in 2015, it's happened sometime over the last few updates.

    * This actually affects some ensembles in the current Reaktor 6 factory library , for example in Grainstates.
    (my examples for now have been old user ensembles),

    If anyone wants to see this problem for themselves :

    - Load Grainstates from the sampler collection
    - Click the edit button
    - Right-click the sample at the top and choose replace current sample; load a new file. It will be 5 octaves too high
    - Right-click it again and choose Open sample map editor
    - See pic below. The bottom sample (newly loaded) is set to root 0. if you change it to 60, it plays back OK.
    This needs to be manually done for every sample loaded, kinda annoying.

    * There does not seem to be a way to make the sample "slot" in the ensemble default to 60, and to save it that way .... unless someone knows one?
    i.e. it occurs in the creation of a new line in the sample map editor whenever a sample is loaded.


    Comparison : Reaktor 5 replace sample - root note defaults to 60 :

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    Is this a known bug, guys?
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