Hardware suggestions for Mk4

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by Dallon426, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. Dallon426

    Dallon426 NI Product Owner

    I have been using MK3 and I think it is a wonderful machine. That being said I have some suggestions regarding the Audio interface.
    I highly recommend having TWO Phantom Power XLR inputs.
    and Two Hi-Z line inputs that can be switchable between Hi-Z and regular inputs for keyboards ETC.

    I also suggest using Thunderbolt 3 and USB C as your connections. This along with exceptionally written drivers will drop the Latency down significantly.

    You guys are doing a great job with designing, however to have this be a really powerful unit, then I would consider those suggestions.

    Keep it up!
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  2. Rituun

    Rituun New Member

    Hi I just got the MK3 and love it
    I would love to have more connections for hardware synth or drum maschine control ( CV gate pitch jacks for ex)
    In my opinion Arturia products are the references concerning these features ( keystep and beat step pro)
    I would love to able to control analog synth like moog mother 32 or behringer model D, or arturia mini/micro brute without any hassle
    to go even further you can even imagine a patch matrix, that would be awesome to make software synth modular, and mix hardware and software synth better

    other things I would love :
    - touch screens !!!!! browsing would be so much better
    - help feature, like in ableton, to understand how to use functions
    - note repeat that would " arp" pads, for ex if you press note repeat on kick and snare now they happen on same time, and I would like to have them alternate
    and so much more...
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  3. Olihop

    Olihop NI Product Owner

    For me :
    - "TRACK FX" button to access project's tracks fx
    - "MACRO LINK" button to link the macros between them
    - "MORPH" button to juggle between two snapshots with the touch ribbon
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  4. Thomas Heder

    Thomas Heder New Member

    I know were talking hardware here, but I have some Maschine software features:
    If possible I would like to use Maschine software as my preferred DAW, but due to some VERY basic simple and essential features missing in Maschine, I'm still stucked with Cubase. The most essential missing features are:
    -Chord mode with a smart little dialog with the Circle-of-Ffths, where you can freely define the individual chords from a dropdown list or by clicking in the Circle-of-Fifth dialog, ie. a fully user-defineable chordset. Just take a look at your competitor Steinberg and their pad mode in Cubase, that might give you some inspiration... -wake up guys! ;-)
    -The ability to freely define the time start/offset and length for a clip in a scene, -why this hasn't been done yet is a totally mystery to me, so simple, and so essential. I would even suggest that I could do the c++ programming for NI ;-)
    -A fully programmable arpeggiator, that would kick ass -take a look at yamahas MoDX and get inspired guys, it won't hurt...-not rocket science, but could be a blockbuster feature, and NI could sell a lot of extension packs with arpeggio patterns
    Regards Thomas
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  5. HammyHavoc

    HammyHavoc NI Product Owner

    I want to see some major leaps forward on the software front before NI do anything else with hardware. So many broken promises.
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  6. Olihop

    Olihop NI Product Owner

    I think NI should take the example of Akai and offer us some great features and not half finished as they used to do. Just the mixer on the Force is 100 times better. Managing inserts and sends much more convenient
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  7. Thomas Heder

    Thomas Heder New Member

    When comparing maschine to MPC, the MPC now has a significant leading edge.... Almost any professional gear now has touch screen which improves the user workflow significantly -So a large touchscreen is a absolute essential feature. Also any new controller keyboard is equipped with editable/userdefined chord and scale mode, including the MPC. So why on earth does the maschine not feature userdefined chordsets??? It's really a no-brainer and easy to implement. So to sum it up, MK4 should definitely include both a large touch screen and user chordsets...
  8. Mutis

    Mutis NI Product Owner

    Just make a proper iPad app and hardware class compliant. I dunno... act like we are in 2021 instead 2000...
  9. Dj Ravix

    Dj Ravix NI Product Owner

    I do Agree that having XLR with Phantom Power would A good thing for A newer revision of the Maschine HW
    and the Instrument Hi-Z input would also be nice
    However 2 of each might be a bit much and might make the unit bigger
    I would suggest Replacing the current Mic input for an XLR Combo jack for Mic & Instrument input
    or having one XLR for mic and one Jack Instrument input (This off course all next to the existing Line inputs)
    what bugs the most is that all the Volume controls are on the Back of the unit
    it does not make sense that I have to reach to the back of the unit to turn my Master or headphone volume down
    I am pretty sure that they be more usable if they were placed somewhere on the face of the unit
    This would also free op space on the back of the unit for the XLR / Instrument inputs
  10. valerianmengsk

    valerianmengsk New Member

    Programmable arps are actually much older. A standard feature for upscale workstation keyboards, though the Korg Kross2 now has that as well, bringing the feature into a much lower price point.