Has NI Quality went down?

Discussion in 'KOMPLETE KONTROL SERIES' started by Michael100, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Michael100

    Michael100 NI Product Owner

    Check this video out.

  2. JBlongz

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    To answer your question, no. Will some things slip through QC because of human error? Sure. My MK2 is flawless. I hope that guy's issue gets solved fast.
  3. davemacp

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    Jesus christ, that video's 15 minutes of pure disappointment and depression :D

    AL’DREAD NI Product Owner

    I had this problem with a arturia key lab , it was quite funny because the shop was replacing another (different fault) faulty one , and I got the shop to open it before I left .
    What I did notice between the mk1 mk2 packaging was the foam insert under the keys , which stopped movement of the keys
    The mk1 had one the mk2 didn't
  5. Keir @ NI

    Keir @ NI Community, man NI Team

    Oh dear :(

    We had a similar case with the original KKS so we had the unit shipped back to us and investigated the keyboard and the packaging, master box, etc. The conclusion is that this damage is from the shipping and postage and maybe the box was dropped or similar. In terms of packaging, there is not much we can do to prevent these cases. In any case, please return this to the dealer and they should replace it immediately.
  6. Michael100

    Michael100 NI Product Owner

    I have sent the mk2 back to sweetwater but I have to wait for them to get they next shipment in on Thur 10/12. I had pre ordered the mk2 so I could get it on the release day which I received it a day after that was ok but now I have to wait 7+1 more days to get another one.
    The mk2 looked like it was packaged damage.
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  7. Teemeister

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    Aaaw what a bummer :(
    But it's not NI's fault. In fact I just came back from my local dealer and in my opinion the knobs on the MK2 are of higher quality than on the MK1. Not only are they touch sensitive, they also have very similar resistance throughout and seem to be more precise.
  8. Michael100

    Michael100 NI Product Owner

    I received my new replacement KKmk2 and the Quality is outstanding. Now I just have to get it working with my DAW sonar so if anyone using sonar and have it working please let me know.
    NI why no power plug? People like to use good old sound modules.
    Anyway thanks to everyone that posted and a Big Thanks to NI for a great product.:)
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