having no money but searching for a Reaktor 5 licence...

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    Hi all,
    I am new here and would like to stay. I am here because I wish to build my own synths with Reaktor instead of using ready formatted synths by someone other. My Problem is: until now I only work with the Reaktor 6 Player - and as described -> this is not that, what I want. Reaktor 6 is "cheap" for sale in Moment, but even this is too much for me actually And on my little notebook only Reaktor 5 seems to work , and Reaktor 5 is older and probably cheaper. But I found nowhere someone selling a licence. Searching a licence I found this forum, where some time ago someone offered a licence -> and so I decided to ask you, whether here is someone actually may offer a licence for Reaktor 5. I am already 59 , but regullarily I still would have to work, but for reasons of health i am a pensioneer already, but this means: probably in the whole future no money...
    I now work with a cheap bought Maschine Mikro MK1 and thats what I like. I want to get rid of my software and work only with Maschine standalone, this mixture of hard- and software. Searching for a Reaktor licence I would be willing to give my Reason 11 Intro licence or Live 10 lite Licence for Reaktor...that would be one possibility...any suggestions?
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    KVR Marketplace is one of the best places I've found to buy 2nd hand software licences.
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