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****how does the remix deck work with an s4 ? IM LOST ****

Discussion in 'General DJ Forum' started by migsk8, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. migsk8

    migsk8 Forum Member

    ok so today i upgraded to an s4 from my s2 and i also upgraded the software to the 2.5 with the remix deck and all that jazz and oh boy do i regret it. i dont have the slightest clue how the remix decks work with the s4. i knew how the samples would work but this is just too damn confusing. can anybody direct me to a tutorial or something ?
  2. K Jovan

    K Jovan NI Product Owner

    u need the f1 for full functionality of the remix decks
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  3. migsk8

    migsk8 Forum Member

    i was messing with it and i thinnk i can only use them on setting micro or small, any bigger and they turn into the list of one shots and loops.
  4. jdownesbaird

    jdownesbaird Forum Member

    Without the F1, the Remix Deck operates like the old Sample Deck. You only have immediate control of the top row (4 samples) directly from the S4.