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How to delete a certain mapping?

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR PRO / TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO' started by tomflynn, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. tomflynn

    tomflynn NI Product Owner


    I need to delete a mapping on my 2nd X1 MK2.

    When i go to the controller manager, i can't see any mappings for it at all, i can add them, but i can't find them to delete.

    I want to delete the mapping on the 2nd one which is 'shift + FX' button. It's simply not needed now as i remapped it without the shift function.

    Any ideas how to get at it so i can delete it?

  2. dimonimo

    dimonimo NI Product Owner

    the mapping ist not "on" your X1 MK2 it's on your Computer ;)
    Just choose the mapping you want to delete, than click 'edit' and than ''delete''
  3. tomflynn

    tomflynn NI Product Owner

    yes i know its on the computer, but its not showing up. No mapping is showing up at all, both are connected.
  4. MixMasterMark

    MixMasterMark NI Product Owner

    I don't own an X1 MK2 but on my F1, there is no way to edit the mappings in HID mode. I would have to switch the unit to MIDI mode in Traktor's configuration and manually make all the mappings myself or download and install a prefab one. And.. I believe only HID mode supports all the pretty lights on the F1.
  5. FunkyBrewster

    FunkyBrewster NI Product Owner

    The default HID mappings are hidden and can't be deleted, but you can override them by checking the "Override Default Mapping" when mapping a function to button/knob/etc. For example, if you remapped the button "FX" to do something, it will do that plus whatever the default action when you push it unless "Override" is checked.
    Shift is tricky, as I don't think there's a way to map it directly. I got around a similar issue on my S4 by setting Modifer 1 to 1 only while Shift is pressed, then making M1=1 a condition for mapping a new Shift+(other button) function. So, you could try mapping "FX" to the function you want, with M1=1, and "Override..." checked, and it should override the default behavior.

    You can map just about all of the pretty colors on the F1 using MIDI mode plus the Controller Editor. :)
    I also made a mapping in HID mode. I think I just added the functions I wanted, saved the mapping with a new name, and then deleted the default mapping from the Controller Manager. The F1 is awesome for custom mapping.
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