How to get two outs from a single output interface

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    i got one of those small little usb soundcard, could that work? (the output is one of those small headphone jack) and if i have 2 of those, can i configure for it to be 3 channel? or maybe maya 44 and the internal soundcard.. really wanna do 3 decks mixing.. help!
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    No idea until you try! As I mentioned, it's an un-supported sneak that makes Traktor do things it doesn't want to, so a lot of users are turned off to the idea as it is. And I recently upgraded to the Audio Kontrol 1 after several problems started popping up with my FastTrack, so I'm not exactly supporting this sneak as much as I was previously.
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    I've tried everything you said scrambledegg but everytime I attach my external soundcard (Creative Soundblaster) it disables the output of my internal card. It consequently only gives me the soundblaster external as options for audio routing.

    Any suggestions?
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    Basic Pre-Listening ...

    Hi !

    This may sound a bit elementary considering all that's being discussed here, I'm looking to get a USB Sound Card so i can prelisten tracks and make the mixes a lot more tighter and smoother ! I have done a little research on this and i found some names like Echo Indigo DJ ... Audigy ... M-Audio ... so many .... i'm not looking at anything fancy but something cost effective so i can meet the need to prelisten :)

    My budget would be around $ 125 ! :|

    Thank you for all the help !

    Good Vibes ... Love & Light !

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    Hi kids. In case you all didn't catch the above (and judging by the emails and PM's I've been receiving, you haven't!), I have officially withdrawn my support for this particular sneak seeing as I no longer own a FastTrack USB. If anyone that does own one wishes to continue tinkering, please make note here, but I am not going to continue working out issues with single-output USB devices.
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    You can also pickup an old SB Live pci card and use the KX drivers with it. Works like a charm. It has surround output, that means 2 actual outputs on the card. One can be routed to Master, and the other to Monitor.. No delay, single card setup is better for your memory usage.
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    I found this didn't quite work for me BUT...

    This did

    1) Go to and download/install the program for your OS

    2) Plug in your USB/Firewire interface

    3) Open ASIO4All and make sure that BOTH INTERFACES ARE ENABLED

    4) Close ASIO4All and open Traktor

    5) Open the preferences menu, and go to Audio Setup>Soundcard and select ASIO4All, click Apply.

    6) Now both your device and internal soundcard should be available for routing in the audio setup menu with Traktor via ASIOALL
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    It's worth saying that if you're about to buy an audio interface, at least take the plunge and get a cheap multichannel one like the fast track pro- even if it is a few pounds/dollars/dinars/goats more.

    While you can use these software fudges, and they do work, they always feel precarious. ASIO4ALL is pretty shaky, and the latency isn't ever gonna be fantastic. The mac aggregate audio solution, while better in practise (mac core audio subsystem is a lot better than the windows stuff), you'll still get a lot of faff happening, like outputs in the aggregated device occasionally not being the same when you boot up- especially if part of the aggregated device is a USB audio device. It's just one extra source of irritation when you boot.

    Oh, and of course, most onboard audio isn't gonna sound as good as even a cheap interface like the Fast Track Pro, that's the other thing. Still, these cheats are good for getting you moving, but do plan to go prioperly multichannel with one of the many excellent choices when you can.
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    great advice 10x :)
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    i have followed the manual, My Settings Are:
    Monitor Left (mono) - 3: Prodigy 7.1 HiFi Audio 3
    Monitor Right: - 4: Prodigy 7.1 HiFi Audio 4

    Master Left (mono) - 1: Prodigy 7.1 HiFi Audio 1
    Master Right -2: Prodigy 7.1 HiFi Audio 2

    i Have connected Headphones into black hole(3/4)

    but i have no sound in my headphones:( i had same settings before i reinstalled windows and it was ok, can anyone help please?:/ btw sorry for my english
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    Guys I just bought the traktor app from App Store and the dj cable but the split cue function doesn't light up as an option, I can't find any upgrades or settings to change, help!
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    Can ASIO work if you have two audio interfaces clock-sync'd?