How to jump to track start?

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by vinkli, Jan 5, 2019.

  1. vinkli

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    In Traktor 2 at the Cue & Loop section there is a "jump to track start" button. its HID code is shift+t and shift+g, but what is the MIDI code of it?
  2. Tammo

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    This is where Traktor normally puts down the grid marker on itself which is saved as hot cue 1. So you could just map a button for hotcue 1. However when the deck is playing it will go to hotcue 1 but continue playing. so you might want to add a play/pause mapping to the same button which is set to: direct - 0. This will make the deck pause while jumping to hotcue 1. This way you'll always have a go to track start button instead of the regular cue button. If you're using load markers which by default will be set to the next open hotcue you might want to change hotcue 1 for hotcue 2 so it will not jump to track start but back to your load marker. Is this what you mean?