How to stop a preset?

Discussion in 'GUITAR RIG' started by xelivan, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. xelivan

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    I play some preset and it continues to be played each time i restart Guitar Rig 5
    How to cut and stop the sound?

  2. solger

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    which sound continues to play, exactly?

    As example: if it's a constant hissing sound or noise, try enabling the [Gate] button (and adjusting the Gate Threshold knob next to it) in the GR header at the top.

    Otherwise can you please post more info about your setup (and maybe also a screenshot of the GR window with the loaded preset).
    As example:
    • Are you using GR standalone (on it's own) or as plugin (inside which DAW)?
    • What's the name of the GR preset used in this case? Or are you using a custom preset?
    • Does this happen only when certain GR presets are loaded? Or with all GR presets?
    • Is perhaps one of the Pre or Post Tape Decks playing (although I think they shouldn't keep playing after restarting GR)?
    • What are the current Audio settings (Driver, Device, Sample Rate)?
    • What are you using as audio input: an instrument (guitar, etc.) or an audio file?
    • ...
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  3. Kostas1

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    If it's a "very long" preset, push Stop or "panic" button in the daw.
    If this happens when you restart GR as you say, fix this preset maybe (for example: too noisy or amp'ed, or it's generating noise on it's own)