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Discussion in 'GUITAR RIG' started by RhysPatto, May 14, 2008.

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  1. stormyandcold

    stormyandcold NI Product Owner

    A repost over from guru3d.com that I made

    I've uploaded a small zip file to esnips for download that has a few files with loads of hints and tips. Should help anyone wishing to tweak xp.


    Main ones to check out is the musicxp.net, super tweak guide and tip 25.

    It maybe for audio workstations but most of it is relevant to gaming pc tuning aswell.

    Good luck!

  2. Dreamfullofzen

    Dreamfullofzen Forum Member

    Hey guys,
    a quick heads up.
    I have an Acer Aspire One netbook, with the atom 1.6 processor... and as far as i can tell it's a no go.... I'm not entirely sure if it's a driver issue or if somethings amiss....

    Running it at 44.1khz, with around 10-13ms of latency, the cpu meter is weird, in that at first it says 38%, then spikes up to around 58%-70%... on LowQ, and that's on a basic preset (amp and matched cab).

    And there are some weird artifacts, occasional pops, and it if peaks too much cutouts, and finally a dropout.

    I'm not entirely sure what the issue is, wether it's how the Atom works (it's not as powerful as i assumed it to be), wether it's down to some overclocking system to prevent overheating, or a conflict of some sort.

    The machine is running XP home edition, with 1 gig ram, n270 atom cpu (1.6ghz), and an internal 160gig hard disk.

    I'm using RK3. I'm going to fiddle more with it tonight to see if i can see whats the issue. Ultimately i didn't buy the machine for using GR3, just internet and for work, but it would make my life at the university easier if i could run my amp sim stuff on it.
  3. Dreamfullofzen

    Dreamfullofzen Forum Member

    i decided to try again, now with the new RK3 drivers.

    Managed to get it to work, kinda. at 48khz (dropping to 44.1 didn't make a difference), with the medium latency setting (it says 13ms but it's definately shorter.. more like 5-6).

    Can't have delays and verbs though. The most you can do is amp cabs, an od, and some eqs or compression. The cpu sits around 30-50% spikes around allot. I disabled avast and the wireless. Disabling avast helped allot. I have mcafee on here (firewall) which i think if i removed it would help too....

    Overall its okay for practice or jam stuff... would not dream of trying to use it live since when it got hot or i tried somethings the cpu spiked and dropped out on me.

    I noticed there are different atom processors, that sony pocket has a higher up one i believe... so we'll have to wait this year for the stronger performing atoms.

    I think i can get away with using the acer aspire one for teaching maybe. But for gigs it'll still be my trusty old vaio...
  4. sr99

    sr99 New Member

    Anyone get a "Does not meet system requirements" error when installing GR3 on the Eee PC's that have the Celeron 900mhz chip? I know GR3 has system requirements of at least a Pentium/ Athlon XP 1.4 GHz. I'm thinking of getting the Eee PC1000HD which comes with the Celeron chip, so I need to make sure the machine will allow GR3 to install.
  5. Marc_S

    Marc_S NI Product Owner

    Sounds like it's under the bar...
  6. JayT

    JayT NI Product Owner

    I know Apple thinks they are being clever by introducing a slim and light laptop, and pricing 5x more than any other NetBook on the scene, but I'm interested in seeing how GR will run on the MacBook Air.

    I'm a bit out of the flow of the convo as a Mac guy. My girlfriend has an Air, so perhaps I'll test it out and report back here for those that are interested.
  7. Dreamfullofzen

    Dreamfullofzen Forum Member

    Dells new mini inspiron series might be a better alternative.
    They're using the new atom 520 and 530 processors.
  8. eviltobz

    eviltobz Forum Member

    the macbook air will be great as a gr host as it is a full spec jobby, not a cut down netbook. it has a core 2 duo processor running at the best part of 2ghz. the nearest thing to a potential issue is just the you'll need a suitable usb soundcard as it doesn't have the option of firewire, and it may not have enough juice to work with a demanding bus-powered one.
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