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Improvements for next release: wish list for feature requests

Discussion in 'KOMPLETE KONTROL SERIES' started by d33psp33d, Oct 9, 2014.

  1. badibeat

    badibeat NI Product Owner

    I need a new 88-key Master Keyboard, as my ancient Roland XV-88 is breaking hammers faster than I can replace them.

    Since I like the Fatar mechanics and being a Komplete User from the very beginning, the S88 would fit the bill.
    However, two main things keep me from the S88:

    1) The lack of a third sostenuto pedal input, and all pedals inputs being on-off switch only instead of analog. I don't want to miss "Half Pedalling", and the Sostenuto pedal is also very natural to hold arpeggios etc. I'd have to integrate something like an Audiofront MIDI Expression Quattro or iO to use the RPU-2 Pedal Unit with the S88.

    2) No MIDI 2.0 support, and no announcement that it will be eventually supported with an update.

    I have read that there is no way to turn off the lights on the S88 when not in use and maybe the computer or hub is on. I would have to integrate an USB switch just for that, as I don't want a gimmicky light show when I am not using it. But I have high hopes that this feature proves helpful with Vienna Instruments Pro, which now supports NKS.

    On the other hand, what would fit me best was a flat Maschine controller with the missing features from Komplete Control and a light guide strip that can be placed behind the keys of my new Keyboard, whatever brand or model it is. Please without audio! But give it MIDI 2.0 and at least two MIDI in and out ports.

    I never used Komplete Kontrol, but Kore which got abandoned by NI and eventually got resurrected as Komplete Kontrol. Therefore I am not holding my breath over it.
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  2. d0stenning

    d0stenning NI Product Owner

    Speaking of FATAR mechanics I would personally recommend NI also considering some of the KAWAI weighted mechanics.

    NORD use one in their top piano. I own an Kawai ES110 which has the lighter weighted action similar to the NORD GRAND and really like it.
    I also own a Komplete Kontrol MKII 88 and its a good keyboard maybe more similar to a real grand but for many who would prefer a really playble and slightly lighter action I really like the KAWAI ES110 action.
  3. badibeat

    badibeat NI Product Owner

    I might give the Kawai hammer action a try. Maybe the light action is a result of the S110's graded weights. The Roland A-88MKII has the same feature, probably using a Fatar key bed.
    I don't think that having a uniform action across all keys is a bad idea on a multi-instrument keyboard. But lighter and faster keys without loosing dynamic expression should feel nice.

    Edit: I got a S88 for integration's sake, although the S88's mechanic has this sticky damping which I don't like. My ancient XV-88 doesn't have it. I also tried the Nord which feels similar to the XV-88.
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  4. Marc Overmars

    Marc Overmars New Member

    Fix screen contrast issues: One screen is darker than the other.
    Add options to turn off the lights for Christ sakes.
  5. UdoBehm

    UdoBehm NI Product Owner

    Wann ist es endlich soweit, dass sich einzelne oder mehrere Types, Characters oder gezielt auch Instruments von der Suche in Komplete Kontrol ausschließen lassen? Kann es eigentlich nicht mehr erwarten, bis man die Möglichkeit hat, nicht nur einzelne oder mehrere Types, Characters oder Instruments auszuwählen, sondern auch einzelne oder mehrere Types, Charactets oder Instruments gezielt (von der Suche nach Patches) abzuwählen... Könnt ihr das nicht demnächst in Komplete Kontrol einbauen??
  6. UdoBehm

    UdoBehm NI Product Owner

    Bitte achtet darauf, wenn ihr weitere VSTs, Instruments, Patches programmiert, dass diese nicht mehr und mehr CPU verbrauchen. Ich stoße immer wieder ans Limit, je mehr Instrumente ich von euch kaufe. Wäre schön, wenn man mal nicht immer nur CPU-hungrige VSTs im Einsatz haben müsste oder man die VSTs auch irgendwie in ihrem CPU-Hunger (am besten vollautomatisch, ohne dass dies eine Benutzereingabe erfordert, rein von dem, was ein VST-Instrument an CPU-Auslastung messen kann) begrenzen kann.
  7. SSquared

    SSquared NI Product Owner

    I believe the pedals are not just on/off. When setting up your pedals in Komplete Kontrol you can define them as on/off or with ranges. I think I have the Yamaha FC3 and it works great with the NI pianos. The amount of sustain changes depending on how far I step down on the pedal. Is that what you mean?
  8. badibeat

    badibeat NI Product Owner

    Thanks for your input. I got a S88 now, and will check it myself as soon as I manage to install the Software. The S88 is still missing a third input, though.
  9. Raja Sekhar Rapaka

    Raja Sekhar Rapaka New Member

    Please add Custom Scales to Number 3. that will be helpful too.

    Many Thanks.

    FYI, Garageband IOS does custom chords for Guitar Virtual instrument for so many years.

    No. 27 is really good too!
  10. DomiKamu

    DomiKamu NI Product Owner

    Nice for this list, but it's a request for basic MIDI mode:
    - Transpose per keyzone (oct+/-, semi tones +/-) - it's the most important feature, and not too difficult to implement (IMHO).
    - For knob/button mapping: Bank Select MIDI messages (for now, only "Control Change" or "Program Change" nothing else). Program Change is a good feature (as long as you're using VST 2.4), but becomes nearly useless without Bank Select for certain synths (Synapse Audio DUNE 3, for example).
    - Overlapping keyzones (instrument layering, this feature is used by many Omnisphere presets). Please consider any low-end MIDI controller (eg M-Audio CODE series) can do it easily! also, possible "holes" must simply considered as dead key(s). Please be less restrictive and more flexible!
    - Scale/Chord/Arp mode, per keyzone (but I'm not sure it's possible, because Scale/Chord/Arp features are enabled inside KK app/plugin only).
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  11. DomiKamu

    DomiKamu NI Product Owner

    Native Instruments, for mercy! please find a way to remove the black horizontal thin line on right screen as soon as any NKS is loaded (including any preset provided by N.I.). This line doesn't appear during presets browsing, however.
    I'm not alone, I've already seen this line in many YT videos (not made by me). Please consider it's really ugly.

    Also, for some products (Hybrid Keys in particular), the white texts (NKS preset names) on cyan background, are nearly unreadable. Perhaps an additional entry in color.json (or similar) - for dark (or custom) font color - will solve this problem...


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  12. LoveEnigma

    LoveEnigma NI Product Owner

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  13. Erwinew

    Erwinew New Member

    For me the most important missing feature in Komplete Kontrol (all versions up to 2.6.4) is simply moving a page or a control knob without retyping the text every time.

    The only way of reordering pages is currently by deleting the pages and rebuild them from scratch. This is very time consuming and user unfriendly.

    More details related to this feature request: https://www.native-instruments.com/...e-a-knob-and-page-in-komplete-kontrol.460647/

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  14. Kymeia

    Kymeia NI Product Owner

    Yes it's one of the oldest feature requests - crazy that it is still not possible (it was so easy to do in Kore)
  15. tonalexplorer

    tonalexplorer New Member

    Forgive me if I missed this @d33psp33d (I'm new to NI forums), but I'm curious why the following feature requests didn't make your list? Or are they already being worked on by NI?

    1. Multi-MIDI-channel instrument support (multi-timbral) in Komplete Kontrol. This seems like one of the major feature parity omissions vs. Kontakt. I see it's mentioned in a few different threads like here and here and here.

    2. Ability to set PEDALS and TOUCHSTRIP controls to different MIDI channels on a per-template basis as mentioned here to allow for control of multi-channel MIDI instruments.

    Or maybe NI already said they weren't doing these?
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  16. fossie

    fossie New Member

    Sorry if this has already been suggested and I haven't seen in the comments yet but here is what I would love to see from NI:

    A version of dedicated KK hardware controller to compete with the Softube Console 1 and SSL UC1

    Imagine faders that correlated with the knobs so you can choose which you prefer to control that particular parameter with. It would be much easier and more flexible to control than either of the other two examples because of the on-board LCD parameter readout for each knob so you can read from the hardware what parameter you are controlling. And of course NKS control for all your instruments pre-mapped. They could even make it modular like the Softube hardware which sells both the knob unit and the fader unit for about 500 bucks each (i.e. it would still be profitable for NI if they made sure it were a high quality product worth the investment even without a keyboard). I love my s88 but being able to position where the mixer was placed, independently of the keyboard would make it that much better.
  17. JesterMgee

    JesterMgee Well-Known Member

    Soooo, basically you want Kore, which was discontinued due to lack of interest I believe.

    Faders (IMO) are less flexible than encoders because they have a start/end position and unless they are motorised (or touch strips) they wont update between pages/presets. Personally, I love faders over a pot/encoder, I have 1/2 of my desk space taken up by a fader based mixer and a Mackie MCU because I like the use of faders for volume control but for parameter control almost always prefer encoders. Cost and size will always be the problems.
  18. Kyra

    Kyra New Member

    I don't know if this has been requested yet but I'd love favorites categories so I can add a favorite only for this category and not globally.

    Also more filters for instruments than those available while browsing the instruments categories. Like pianos, guitars, etc, not just Synthetizers.
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  19. nightjar

    nightjar Active Member

    We need iZotope's Machine Learning to totally integrate with NI sound libraries and reinvent how we browse and categorize.
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  20. jtikey

    jtikey New Member

    Velocity per key for MK2 please.