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In need for a specific ensemble

Discussion in 'REAKTOR SESSION' started by teomi, Jan 4, 2004.

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  1. teomi

    teomi NI Product Owner

    Hi there guys.
    I am seriously looking at Reaktor or Reaktor session as a future purchase and I have a couple of questions.
    I have several projects coming up in which I will be in need of some specific designs. I do not have the time to build ensembles from scratch for these rojects, so I really want to know if there are some ensebles out there that can do what I'm looking for and that I could just load up in Realtor Session for that.
    Here is what I need in the ensemble:

    1. loading multiple sound files to several buffers.
    2. Realtime/Midi control over speed/direction, pan
    3. Realtime loop manipulation (start,end, and position)
    4. Filter section with several filter types and modulation
    5. Granular engine for each buffer
    6. Effects section with modulation
    7. Multiple outputs for surround compatibility.
    8. The ability to trigger the sound files from a MIDI keyboard or have them freerunning together.

    The idea is to create soundscape that could range from ambient textures to rhythmic pulsations.

    Is there any ensemble that does that or at least close?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. gmstudio99

    gmstudio99 Forum Member

    If that's all you really want to do, download the free Metaphysical Function synth and have it do it all for you.


    I LOVE this thing.
  3. teomi

    teomi NI Product Owner

    thanks for your reply.
    The only thing is that I want to be in charge of the sample material that goes in there...so the Metaphysical thingy isn't quite what I need...although it sounds cool
  4. sleen

    sleen NI Product Owner

    Travelizer and Grainstates

    Hi Teomi, it sounds like travelizer or grainstates might be pretty close to what you are asking...with some modifications. Grainstates has 8 scenes that have their own play and loop positions, and speed. They could probably be triggered by keys instead of sequenced. Travelizer sounds very close, but is only one buffer.

    I would try looking at these first, that is if you have not.
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