Inaccurate cueing in 1.2.1 using CDJ-timecode

Discussion in 'Technical Issues (Archive)' started by DiscoNova, Oct 14, 2009.

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  1. DiscoNova

    DiscoNova NI Product Owner

    I felt like it was worth starting a thread for this, instead of taking over another one that is not exactly related.

    Way to reproduce the problem is to set up a cuepoint in CDJ, starting the track, backcueing, starting the track, backcueing... repeating this a couple of times shows that on 1.2.1, the cuepoint isn't "accurate". The audio playback starts from "somewhere near the set cuepoint", but not exactly from it. In 1.1.2 this was still working. Apparently (based on my own experiences) the accuracy is slightly better when using the timecode control in "absolute"-mode. Furthermore, it seems like the accuracy is best while the CDJ is in "vinyl"-mode (for whatever reason).

    For reference, the same problem is discussed in (at least) these threads; more precisely on others (on some I've only taken an educated guess that the problem might be the same as the one I'm describing):

    There is a possible workaround. I personally haven't had the chance to see if this solves the problem, because I only came upon it by going through the earlier posts...

    By what people have been posting, apparently if you disable "key lock" on Traktor, the problem goes away. Of course, since the new keylock algorithm is the single best feature of the latest version, I don't consider this a good alternative. This prompts me to believe that the problem is some kind of a bug with the new algorithm implementation.

    Edit: I'm not exactly sure if this message should have been posted on the "technical issues"-subforum. If moderators think it would better fit there, I don't object to moving it there.
  2. djmolicious

    djmolicious New Member

    I am 100% with you on this one. i've been experiencing this since upgrading to 1.2.1. the only remedy i found so far is to use the MIDI functions out of my mixer to remedy to this by having one button on the mixer calling the previous Cue point. this is the only solution i found so far, what a shame that you can't rely on your cue button on your CDJ. i mean common NI, this is the basics of DJing, when will we ever see this resolved?
  3. DJ Freshfluke

    DJ Freshfluke Traktor Mod Moderator

    thank you disconova for this roundup. i have been talking with NI about this weeks ago, but over time it had slipped under my radar. i now have forwarded the thread to NI and hope to get answer soon.
  4. Kaporion

    Kaporion Forum Member

    Yesterday i used Timecode CDs for the first time. Very annoying issue. Also if i set the latency to 2.5

    That's absurd...
  5. mest42085

    mest42085 NI Product Owner

    I have also noticed this. You can especially hear this behavior if you take a cdj loaded up with an audio cd and a timecode controlled cd and just tap on the cue button on both. you notice that the traktor deck seems to lose the precise cue point after repeated taps regardless of the latency level set.

    I used to use VDJ with timecode control before switching to TSP for the A8DJ and sick features. But I must say I was a bit dissapointed to learn how the program handled my cue button tapping in time with the mix. using my cdjs with that other program was just like using cdjs with audio cds. Way tighter than TSP as far as cue button accuracy goes.

    I've tested this behavoir @ different latency levels and also on my buddy's new Macbook Pro. i've even used vdj w/ my a8dj so I know it's not a souncard/latency issue.

    Glad to see I'm not the only who is annoyed by this. Can we please make this a priority to work on NI?

    TRIBAL TECHNO Forum Member

    yup, please make this a priority to be fixed please! Its irritating...
  7. djthc

    djthc NI Product Owner

    I noticed that if you set cdjs in vinyl mode then traktor works perfect.
  8. Housefile

    Housefile New Member

    It doesn't matter if cd or vinyl mode...the cue point is always with a kind of delay.
    Even setting the cue point on the right spot will never work in cd vinyl mode it's ok but only to find the cue. When you hit the cue it will sound like **** compared to a normal cd.

    On 1.1.2 there was only a little delay which was much better than under 1.2.1 but still not perfect as it should be.

    This way you will never be able to play an acapella properly from the beginning unless you scratch it in.
    Since I'm a CDJ House DJ I don't care much about scratching. :-D

    DiscoNova also mentioned general problems with the true!
    Since the update you can't loop anything properly which is not only beat. So if you have a vocal you wanna loop before beat drops back in you'll have a piece of that beat in the loop as well even if you hit it right on the spot.

    Hot cues on the CDJs still not really work for me as well, because of that delay it will never be on the right spot.

    I downgraded back to 1.1.2 and hope that the next update will fix all problems.
    I'm seriously thinking about switching back to cds since I'm quite disappointed.
  9. chill

    chill NI Product Owner

  10. bman2

    bman2 New Member

    Just brought Traktor Scratch Duo and set it up with my cdj1000mk3 and discovered this issue with the cueing... having an accurate CUE button is so fundamental that i will not use traktor until it is fixed.

    Come on NI lift your game... basic stuff here.

    feel like i have wasted my money
  11. Jaxgub

    Jaxgub NI Product Owner

    I'm interested to see how this turns out because although my issues with keylock are different, I too would like to see the developers take another look at the new algorithm implementation. My hopes are that you guys get this fixed and as a result my issue gets fixed as well :p
  12. bman2

    bman2 New Member

  13. sergeramirez

    sergeramirez NI Product Owner

    +1 Hot Cue issue on CDJ's is very annoying. One of the reasons I am still on T3
  14. s.bianchi

    s.bianchi New Member

    can't believe

    The same thing.

    So that is an issue for everybody. All my friends that are using 1.2.1 version have the same problem.

    The point is that I have a gig to a 3000+ public this weekend and I still have not a answer from th technical support.

    Now I have a "top" gear that can't set an accurate cue point...


    Any one can tell me how to downgrade to the previous version!


  15. Housefile

    Housefile New Member

    Well...actually you just download the previous version on the NI page and install it.
    I did the same thing and it installed everything.
    Didn't have the chance to try it out yet since I've heard about the issue it's not running well on snow leopard i'm a little afraid if it's running well on my Macbook.

    Downloaded the update one more time with snow leo fix just in case it's not working. ;-)
  16. s.bianchi

    s.bianchi New Member

    Back 2 busines...

    Somebody at NI likes me!

    The update released yesterday (1.2.2) solved the CUE problem.

    Let's see the other bugs!

    ThanX NI team!

    At the last minute saved the show!

    See U at "praia do rosa" @ Bali Hai! :cool:

    To early for saying....

    It only works (just fine) withe the keylock off....!

    Hope that this thing with the CUE can be fixed soon.

    By now, I'll need to turn Off an On the keylock everytime.

    Found another bug while testing with the absolute and relative modes using the Maschine as TSP controler...


  17. mest42085

    mest42085 NI Product Owner

    Hey native girl! Was wondering if NI ever got back to you about this issue?
  18. mest42085

    mest42085 NI Product Owner

    more people must be unhappy with this besides for us. let's not let this slip under the radar...
  19. DiscoNova

    DiscoNova NI Product Owner

    I feel the unresistable urge to bump this... The issue is *really* starting to get on my nerves - big time.

    I mean, honestly... the problem appeared with 1.2 - since then we have had two updates already, and it still has not been fixed. How many more months are we supposed to wait for a fix to an extreamely important aspect of the software that was broken during upgrade (meaning that getting it fixed should essentially be a nothing more than a code rollback).

    I grant, it is nice that the "burst of sound"-problem that existed in 1.1.2 is no longer as prominent as it was before, but having the handoff of the timecode cuepoint not being accurate is a bad thing. There was a workaround for the burst of sound (tapping the CUE-button on CDJ a couple of times allows the application to know where it is actually supposed to be and the "burst" does not happen) ... for the inaccurate cue position, there is no workaround (since turning keylock off is not really a viable option).
  20. chrishgk

    chrishgk Forum Member

    Yeah this thingy is starting to piss me off also... +1 for make them solving this major issue.
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