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Integrating Spotify

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by Zoker, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. Djtwok

    Djtwok NI Product Owner

    I prefer Traktor while playing in clubs I'm using Rekordbox 99% of the time. When playing at private party's I often use djay pro because of Spotify - it's not as usable as Traktor but gives more flexibility in music.
  2. ar1

    ar1 New Member

    Has there been any movement on this? Spotify Integration would really be an incredible asset for Traktor -- if the licensing is an issue, why not work it out? or transfer the commercial use to the 'DJ' should they decide to do so? a license is not a wall, it just means an agreement needs to be made between expensive lawyers, who will all eventually make an unimaginable amount of money, and open up opportunities for them to sue people who do not abide by the Terms and Conditions they set forth. Chances are if read by the letter everyone is breaking almost every T & C they have ever signed should someone choose to interpret it in one way....

    it does appear only 422 [ as of 01-13-2016] have voted for this spotify plugin
  3. TroyMichael

    TroyMichael Forum Member


    Knowing NI.. They will be the last software to do Spotify Integration so if this is what you need or want my recommendation is dont wait on NI.
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  4. ar1

    ar1 New Member

    Ouch, I suppose the honesty is good to see.

    does NI have a voting mechanism like Spotify does? is there anywhere to encourage NI to prioritize this feature? [ I do not give up hope easily.]
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  5. kallekenkel

    kallekenkel NI Product Owner

    i requested this many moons ago .. See this thread: Request for a better request-engine
    No, it does not exist unfortunately.
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  6. DJ Tranz

    DJ Tranz NI Product Owner

    What's up with Tidal or Soundcloud. Serato is already ahead of you. I have to practice on Traktor but play my gigs on Serato with my DDJ SZ:( I also invested on a kontrol S8 and some turntables. ​
  7. andyfoz

    andyfoz NI Product Owner