1. Hi everyone,

    Apple just released Logic Pro 10.5 for MacOS 10.15. We found out that Crush Pack, Mod Pack, Replika, and Replika XT will crash.

    Our teams are currently working on a fix, and we hope to have this out to you as soon as we can!

    Best wishes, 
    The NI Team

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Solved Is there still a dev-team taking care of Maschine?

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by Coorec, Sep 3, 2019.

  1. circuitslave

    circuitslave NI Product Owner

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  2. hi-d-ho-man

    hi-d-ho-man NI Product Owner

    Happened to me too, just saw the email. Super disappointed. I could just picture that thing on my desk
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  3. arche3

    arche3 NI Product Owner

    All I ask is Komplete sold on a ssd I can just plug into my mac and it will work. That's the only reason I've not updated from my komplete bundle. I'm not sitting through another komplete install. Never again.

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  4. Meus

    Meus New Member

    Same over here, paid for it. Got 1 confirmation mail and a few hours later an athor e mail that they where out of stock?
    The next day i got the cancel e-mail. totally f#€cked up my day!
    For them it was a big succes, Made 60.000 euro’s in a few minutes for me a big disapointment.
    But what can i do, nothing!
    im just a number
  5. basehead617

    basehead617 NI Product Owner

    Unfortunately to me the news does sound like there will be a shift to a software subscription platform and less focus on expensive hardware projects. Sucks because the hardware of Maschine is what I love.
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  6. AntonA1

    AntonA1 NI Product Owner

    It was dang funny, and intentionally so? Had me laughing out loud after a long night of gigging!
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