Jog wheel toggle?

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  1. STP420

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    I was wondering if somebody could help out with changing the jog wheel from pitch bend to scratch mode and vice versa. My left jog wheel is on pitch bend mode and my right jog wheel is on scratch mode.

    Thank you.
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  2. Laite

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    Have you calibrated your jog wheels? It should help in this kind of cases when a jog wheel is permanently in scratch mode (Traktor thinks that the platter is pressed).
  3. Count Zero

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    Yep. You press the top of the platter down to activate scratch mode. Most issues with the platter being stuck in this mode can easily be solved by recalibrating your jog wheels.
  4. kidbliss

    kidbliss NI Product Owner

    my left jog wheel is going in and out of scratch mode every now and then.
    is there something i press by mistake? as i dont know how to activate scratch mode after that happens....very veryyy annoying during a set :(
  5. kofm

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    If you read previous posts, try to recalibrate your jog wheels to solve your problem. You can find the function under Options > Traktor Kontrol S4
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  6. zephry

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    also make sure that you are storing the s4 properly, I moved mine letting it be leaned against something and had to recalibrate
    I have also heard of some issues with static, are you playing with carpet below you?
    Make sure the s4 is on a flat surface. If none of this works try a reinstall of the driver I use 2.9.8 seems to work best for me. Check all optimization tutorials....!
    Maybe check latency, not that it ever has come up as a jogwheel problem but if latency is low you will have problems with sound in general.
  7. kidbliss

    kidbliss NI Product Owner

    recalibrate your jog did the job so far* thanxx