Komplete Audio 6 audio-issues (distortion/crackling) solved

Discussion in 'NI Audio Interfaces' started by tomtiger73, Jul 20, 2012.

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    at first: excuse my english, i hope its still readable :)

    After using my Komplete Audio 6 a few weeks, i noticed a distortion and crackling-sounds while playing music in windows (ie Spotify). After a few minutes up to one or two hours, music starts with a very litlle distortion and after a while, the problem increases.

    There is absolute no distorsion when using the ASIO-driver (Studio One, Cubase), only windows-sounds (wdm?) are distorted. Switching back to the onboard-sound when playing games or listen to music was the first workaround, but not very satisfying.

    In the NI-Forum some other users experienced similar problems. A few users solved the problem by changing the USB-cable or using an exclusive USB-Hub for the Interface. I think this workaround is a solution, if you notice problems with the ASIO-driver or latency, both tricks didnt help with my crackling windows-sound.

    My problems are gone after disabling USB3 in the PC-BIOS.

    I hope this can help other komplete6-users with same issues. It would be nice, if you comment your results ;)