Komplete Kontrol -LFO's, XY/Fader-Record/Play *on the fly*

Discussion in 'KORE' started by Klinke, Jun 21, 2010.

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  1. Klinke

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    ------LFO's, XY/Fader-Record/Play *on the fly*(Kore-ready) [Reaktor Ensembles]------

    I'm building some LFO-, Fader- and XY-Ensembles in Reaktor at the moment.
    (Automation ID's are Kore-ready...also ready for any other plug-in in a host)

    Not only for controlling Synths/Plug-ins in Kore2.
    Also to control Kore2 in Cubase from another Kore2 instance on another track...recorded-live-morphing.
    (Also usable as control modules for any VST-Host/Plug-in/Synth)

    CC-flow will work in any VST-environment.
    -Relativ low on CPU.
    -Low on screen-space.
    -Single and multis to mix XY's and LFO's quick. Maybe for an Absynth patch.

    -LFO's have min max
    -click, move and record on the fly.(xy-Pad: Touch, move and it gets recorded)
    -Mouse or Hardware use
    -long record buffer
    -midi note restart(length control)
    -CC's and Channel tweakable on the gui
    -visual feedback
    (Hint: Record a short move and slow it down, 'til it gets looong, then smooth it.)

    Kore2, Absynth and custom coulors.(Massive in work)

    Structures are heavily based on the "Autofader" macros by Christian Tom
    and "Blackbox" by Peter Dines.
    (Credit may belong to other builder's, too.)

    I take none..
    (I had 2 Days wire-pulling-, painting- and parameter-tweaking-school)

    If someone is interested, i can load the stuff up..soon.
    I want to make some .KSD ready.

    Use in Kore:
    Drop an ensemble in a source-channel next to the Plug-in, that you want to control.
    In the midi-tab from the Ens., choose the target-plug-in as midi-aux-output and the target will recieve the CC-messages from the Ensemble.
    Lean back...

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  2. a1mixman

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    I am most definitely interesed in having this! Even if I don't know exactly what it is or what it does, or how to use it. I love the fact that people like you are out there tweaking away, coming up with cool SH*T! I am learning fast about using Kore and the Komplete bundle to create music and I can't wait to try it out.
  3. Klinke

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    Here is one XY for every Absynth macro:
    (Like the original GUI)

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  4. pluton

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    so did you upload it somewhere? thanks
  5. Klinke

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    Single XY Absynth:

    A stepsequencer in a slot above the XY with ultra short(!) gate can be turned on.
    One note painted in, sets the reset-point of the automated sequence. One run-trough of the seq is the overall length.(when Gsync: on)
    Works well.

    Paint a note in seq-> turn gate to lowest--> set the Rate-
    and u can get super long or short sequences. Always in time.

    -Overall CC-Depth control
    -Min/max for X and Y

    If you want to use an XY-hardware, like the Kaoss-pad, There is a Touch/rec button, that must be set to the Kaoss Pad-touch CC-number(properties).
    It's like the mouse left-click.

    And set the hardware X- and Y-number in the properties, of the Ensemble X/Y-screen.

    (Hardware CC numbers = CC numbers in the properties--> Then CC-target-numbers are set on the GUI and send to Plug-ins in Kore2 )

    Good Luck

    Go, Schlaaaand, go! ;)

    Single XY Absynth Ensemble+Macro:

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  6. Klinke

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    edit: updated version

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  7. Klinke

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    Komplete Absynth Kontrol:
    Recordable XY/Fader + xyLFO/LFO.

    Mouse or hardware use.

    One .ens with single instruments:
    (Drop 'em in Kore2 as source-channel and set midi-aux to desired target-channel.
    Set target CC with mouse on the GUI.
    -For hardware use look at post above..)

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