Kontakt quality sound VS Drumrak in Live 10

Discussion in 'KONTAKT' started by Et_Voila, Aug 7, 2019.

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    To me it seem clear : Kontakt seem to have a better quality of sound when it comes to grain/pitch/... effects, while modulation/automations of parameters of Time Maschine Tune/Speed, or others flexible envellopes I've been lucky with happy accidents falling onto great settings...

    I prefer the worflow in Live, I have to prepare things in Live before throwing them in Kontakt, because I'm a noob surely, like so things are on the grid.
    Anyway, the visual in Kontakt are too little.

    So, I'm like sitting between 2 chairs these days, having fun with drumracks, and audio, warping, but I come from Maschine soft, and I have some things I'd like to save, and throw in Live : I wonder under wich form ?
    What would you do ?
    - 1 : Insert the vst komplete kontrol, then distribute each instrument into its own midi track with an external instrument (I'm looking for creating drum rack that trigers Kontakt in the meantime...I've seen it's possible). Keep working and progress with Kontakt.
    - 2 : ''Give up Kontakt'' : Maybe Drumracks/samplers and processing + fx may be keys, and I'll progress, and will get this kind of sounds I enjoy.

    Any ideas? Suggestions are welcomed : The more choices I have the more I'm lost. I think I have to make a choice for now, and focus, otherwise I'll never progress.

    The context, the purpose of this thing : Is very simple: I'm a stubborn old break lover, I chop always the same loops, then process/mix and re-arrange them afterward (amen, cold sweat, the usual etc...That's my training...). I've had great result changing the warping mode and stretching a slice after rendering it in audio, but I really have the feeling kontakt delivers something else in terms of quality : I'd like your opinion about that.

    Live is full of possibilities, but Kontakt can be a nightmare for a noob, and weirdly enough I like it : It seems Drumracks and samplers are more close to my skillset.
    Well, I think I said it all...