Kontakt very slow to load CSS from External SSD- 5 minutes per patch (already tried batch resave)

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    Hey everyone,
    System: Macbook Pro 2016, External Samsung T3 (1TB SSD)

    Mojave OS, Pro Tools 18.12.0, Kontakt 6, Cinematic Studio Strings
    I just purchased Cinematic Studio Strings. I have it on my external hard drive. It takes at least 5 minutes to load every patch into Kontakt (both in stand alone and in Pro Tools). I tried batch resave (which took about 5-6 hours?) and that got my load time from around 10-15 minutes per patch down to 5 min.

    Also: there seems to be significant delay in the midi writing to VST connection. When I quantize parts to the grid, the instrument is late on everything. I've tried changing the buffer settings. Probably missing something else there.

    I have to say Alex the creator of CSS has been super helpful and kind in replying to try helping me fix the problem, I just want to cast a larger net since this is more a Native Instruments/hardware issue. He suggested I move CSS from my external onto my computer hard drive. I just feel like the problem has got to be elsewhere and can't really afford to spend a whole other day doing the load & batch resave if it won't work.

    Any help? I've seen Evil Dragon post a lot about this so if your out there I'm in distress.
    Thanks all