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Kontrol S4 jumping/skipping when pressing play on cued deck

Discussion in 'KONTROL S2 / KONTROL S3 / KONTROL S4' started by COMA . ROSE, Dec 19, 2021.

  1. COMA . ROSE

    COMA . ROSE New Member

    hi guys!

    Ngl I'm very new so this may just be me being a complete noob but it's happened multiple times now where when I'm building up for a drop on one deck and cuing the next one for the actual drop part and then when i hit play for the drop to happen- the deck I'm trying to play will just start glitching (and thus the output of the entire composition), ends up looking/sounding like I've set it up to loop at like 1/64 up until i let go of the play button and it keeps happening everytime i press play on that deck (whereas if i keep it paused and play any of the other 3 decks everything will work as normal) until swap the track to another deck or restart traktor..

    I'm running my rig on a Alienware laptop R17 and I've also got an ableton 2 mapped to the set up as well as running a link through Resolume Arena 7 (VJ software) that has the BPM synced to traktor to match visuals in time with audio.

    For whatever it's worth I'm thinking the issue is either stemming from:

    - me being a total beginner and perhaps having 2 opposing settings without realizing it (in which case I'd really appreciate someone pointing it out as I'm am still acquainting myself even just with the terminology of some of this and I've already spent hours over it and i'm afraid i may just make it worse at this rate)
    - Resolume link being synced to bpm and maybe it gets confused when I swap out the track to a completed different bpm?

    - my laptop's only got 103gb on the scratch drive with only 2.4gb free and am wondering if maybe the whole system is just overloaded?

    thanks so much for all your help! I'm really soo pleased with my new kontrol s4 and I love using it I'm just terrified of this randomly occurring in a live situation and not having any idea what even triggered the glitch :X

    (oh also I looked at other posts about the jumping like this one https://www.native-instruments.com/...topping-not-playing-when-i-click-play.461715/ but none of the ones I saw seemed relevant to my specific glitch, apologies if I did cross post or something though, I'm not much of a forum person and I think this is my first time ever posting in one, so apologies if i'm doing anything wrong, I couldn't find any "search" feature beyond going page by page in the kontrol s2/s3/s4 thread (and theres over 300 pages!!!), if anyone wants to explain how I could use this page more effectively I'd be duly grateful!)