Kontrol S4 MK3: FX Unit manipulation

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    Kontrol S4 MK3 giving us option to control two FX units.
    While there were requests for two more FX units manipulation https://www.native-instruments.com/forum/threads/how-to-control-deck-c-and-d-effects.340825/ it could be enough if the FX Units implementation is similar to Kontrol X1.

    In the documentation of S4 MK3, under '7.13. Working with FX Units' there is this line: ".. In the software the FX Units are freely
    configurable, whereas on the S4 you can only control the assigned effect parameters. .."
    Pleae note the *only*.

    That is kind of a shame. Why limiting the Kontrol of the FX Unit on the S4 MK3 device?
    I dont feel like having Kontrol X1 hw beside unit just to kontrol the next in line group of effects.

    Implementation on the Kontrol X1 hw unit (so it seems S4 has a potential here):

    There are three FX buttons (numbered 1-3) on each side of the X1. When a TRAKTOR effect unit is set to Group mode these buttons will in the majority of Group effects combinations trigger an individual effect from the group. The secondary functions of these buttons can be activated via: ► Pressing SHIFT + FX buttons (1-3) will toggle to the next effect of that Group section. Holding SHIFT whilst pressing a number of times will toggle further through the available effects.
    FX Knobs
    FX Knob There are four FX knobs on each side of the X1. Each knob corresponds to controlling the effect amount, or the parameter of its adjacent FX button. The uppermost FX (DRY/WET) knob on either side of the device, controls the overall amount of either the Single or Group effect. The other FX knobs control then, either specific effect parameters of a Single TRAKTOR effect, or in Group mode an individual effect from that combination. Whilst in Single mode, the secondary function of the (uppermost) FX knobs can be operated via: ► Pressing SHIFT + moving the FX knob will toggle through TRAKTOR's effects. Whilst in Group mode, the secondary function of the FX knobs can be activated whilst TRAKTOR's effect units are set to Group mode via: ► Pressing SHIFT + moving the FX knob (1-3) will toggle through TRAKTOR's effects of the corresponding Group section.
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    What I did last night, was to map to missing functionality for the FX Units 1 and 2 on the S4 that I had on the X1.
    First I set up two modifiers in a hold mode. Modifier 1 is the left shift button and modifier 2 is the right shift button.
    Then I added the missing functions that I can access when pressing and holding shift (either on the left or right deck):

    1. Change the type from group to single and back (toggle with the button under dry/wet)
    2. Select the effect that you want with the knobs 2, 3 and 4 in each FX unit (knob 2 would select the effect in case of a single FX unit)