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Kontrol X1 Cases Have Been Shipped.

Discussion in 'KONTROL X1' started by Karlos Santos, Apr 29, 2010.

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  1. XAXAU

    XAXAU New Member

    Really? When I pushed in the USB cable into the mesh it started to rip where the nylon band with stitches at the mesh opening is "fastened" at the sides. On both sides on both bags.

    I dunno, maybe they sent me extra long USB cables?:lol: But I am an electrician so you´d think I know how to roll up cables properly:D
  2. leph

    leph New Member

    I received my bag two days ago, and I'm very pleased by its quality and usability. The only minor is the one mentioned for the USB mesh, which is designed for those ultra-short cables that some devices carry. I didn't even try to put the (quite long) included USB cable in there, as it was obvious that there is no space for that!

    But the quality and functionality of the new bag is top notch.
  3. electrogrimey

    electrogrimey Forum Member

    Finally got my bags today, definitely happy with them. They look like they could take a lot and still protect the controllers.
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