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KONTROL Z1 sound setup problem

Discussion in 'KONTROL Z1' started by ollydj, Sep 6, 2015.

  1. ollydj

    ollydj New Member

    so i have just bought a z1 and originally i could only get sound through the headphones alone or the laptop alone, but i can't get them both working together for mixing.

    when setting "audio device" to the laptop it obviously comes out of the laptop if i then change "audio device" to use the z1 as the device i was getting it through the headphones but now thats not working so i can only get sound through the laptop alone..

    I have done some digging on the forum and some people have had the same issue and fixed it but they haven't put how they sorted it.

    any help on this much appreciated, cheers.

    I figured its has some thing to do with the output routing and this could be the reason i am not able to use the laptop speakers as my main out put.

    Am i correct in thinking that the only way this is designed to work is that you need to have powered monitors plugged into the Z1?

    The other thing i noticed as well is that the Z1 does not control the master output part of Traktor, Is this normal?
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  2. Abebe

    Abebe NI Product Owner

    Yes! laptop speakers could be used for main output but then the headphone port on Z1 can not be used to cue/monitor, these could be solved in apple os x aggregate device. Windows i don't know.
    I am not sure you can refer to users guide on your laptop
    Traktor output is controlled with Z1 main knob but when rotating it the traktor main output level control does not move.
  3. ollydj

    ollydj New Member

    Thanks Abebe for the pointers on my issues. By setting up an aggregate device in my OSX audio set up i was able to achieve what i wanted.

    I was also able to get the Z1 fully functioning by purchacing a $4 phono to aux male (little jack) lead to get my JBL OnBeatAwake docking station working as a louder monitor.

    My initial idea was to get the Z1 working through the laptop and the bluetooth the main output of the laptop to the JBL docking station. I think if id of messed with the audio settings a bit more i could of got it working but I'm happy enough with how it is now :)
  4. Abebe

    Abebe NI Product Owner

    Great to hear that i did a helpful hint to solve the problem! :thumbsup:
  5. ZiadMousa

    ZiadMousa NI Product Owner

    still need help with the aggregation pls. facing the same problem now