KONTROL Z1 with MacOS: Problem with audio clicks

Discussion in 'KONTROL Z1' started by marcofullone, Sep 27, 2019.

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    Hello everybody

    I buyed KONTROL Z1 and I unfortunately hear audio clicks when tracks are playing on Traktor 3.

    I found this text on Setup Guide:
    "If you hear clicks and/or drop-outs when a track is playing, you might need to increase the la- tency setting of your TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1. To learn how to do this, please refer to the Cl, which thoroughly describes the TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 Control Panel — the tool that allows you to adjust the audio interface settings"

    I didn't find any mention on this problem on the manual.
    There is anyone can help me to solve this?

    Thanck a lot for your help